England: UK Live Animal Exports News. 23/12/20.

UK Live Animal Exports News.  23/12/20

Well, I am making really positive progress with our contribution to the UK government to try and get live animal exports stopped from the UK in 2021.  With 30 years experience on the issue there is a lot to detail about non compliances with (EU) regulation 1/2005 on which UK law is also based

Check it out yourself – pick your language and format links here:


Note for English, select ‘EN’.

So much has been written for submission; that today I have passed a copy of the current draft to a great campaigner friend for extra safekeeping, just if the situation ever arose where a recovery copy needed to be retrieved.  Hopefully it will never be needed, but always better to be safe !

Also, I had contact today from Lesley who runs ‘Eyes on Animals’ in the Netherlands.  https://www.eyesonanimals.com/   – they specialise in undercover work involving live animal transports specially; I gave Les some info, and she has promised to give a contribution to the UK government consultation be the new year, which is great news.

Between us, we are really concentrating on the importance of access to animals throughout their journey time on the road; and also the use of sealed box trailers which are just no good at all for livestock transporting; but which are used in the EU and by Dutch livestock hauliers coming to the UK to buy up British animals for slaughter within the EU.

We are covering all issues in the consultation, but are especially concentrating on driver access, or lack of, to sick and injured animals, and also the use sealed box trailers.  Below is a photo by friend Val Cameron of one of these Dutch box trailers arriving at an English port.  Would you believe that this is full of live sheep ? !!

Many would consider it a refrigerated trailer as usual; but it is not; it IS full of live sheep going for export to Europe !

Photo – Val Cameron

Another photo we took managed to get a very rare glimpse in through the rear of one of these trailers, showing all the sheep inside (as viewed from the rear).  We are not currently publishing this.

These sealed box trailers are used quite a lot here in England by the Dutch – so we consider that these trailers are very bad for animal access and ventilation; plus they have no signage to say they are carrying live animals – which is illegal and against the EU regulation ! – and so hopefully we may get their usage stopped.  Time will tell us in 2021.

Regards Mark

Lesley has produced the following reports on these issues in the past – check them out.

The importance of access during transport:

Heat stress during transport:


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