Mother’s Day – the day of non-human mothers

Every day that we eat animals and their products, we break the tender and devoted bond between a mother and her children with all our might.

365 days a year, including this Mother’s Day, I think of all the mothers who have to eke out their miserable existence in the extermination camps of the meat, egg and dairy industry.
Their infinite grief, their screams, whose lamentation only very few people hear
For every newborn and every child, whether human or non-human, the mother is the whole world.

It is outrageous hypocrisy to celebrate Mother’s Day as if it were a day only to honor human mothers, and it makes me sad because it ignores the pain and despair, powerlessness and death of billions of other mothers.

We stand in solidarity on the side of the animals and we reject speciesism; so this day is for us the day of the non-human mothers.

My best regards to all, Venus

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