Stop Cargill- the worst company in the world

Corporate arsonists are torching forests in Brazil — and the “worst company in the world” is likely to profit from the disaster: Cargill, an agribusiness giant responsible for environmental destruction and human rights violations on a massive scale, makes billions producing soy and meat in South America.

We need to stop Cargill!

Forests are being torched in South America to make way for industrial farming. (© Rettet den Regenwald / Mathias Rittgerott)

To: the management of McDonald’s, Burger King, Walmart, Unilever, the Dutch company Ahold Delhaize and others

“Cargill is responsible for massive environmental degradation and human rights violations. We call on you to drop Cargill from your suppliers. “

Numerous corporations are guilty of trashing nature. Major chocolate manufacturers, countless palm oil producers and global fast-food chains are all driving the decline of the world’s forests, savannas and other ecosystems.

Yet when it comes to environmental destruction, Cargill dwarfs all the rest: If other corporations are piranhas, Cargill is a great white shark.

The US-based multinational has a long and sordid history of duplicity, deception and destruction that earned it the title “worst company in the world” in a report by the NGO Mighty Earth. The report describes in detail how Cargill profits from the destruction of the environment and the exploitation of people and how it blocks urgently needed changes.

– In Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia, Cargill is involved in the wholesale destruction of the Amazon, Grand Chaco and Cerrado ecosystems for the production of soy and beef.

– In Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana, Cargill buys cocoa that has been illegally grown in protected areas and national parks. The company also does not seem to have a problem with buying cocoa that was produced using child labor.

– In Indonesia and Malaysia, Cargill buys palm oil from companies that illegally clear rainforests and are involved in child and forced labor.

Cargill ignores those issues: profits come before ethics.

For years, Cargill has been pledging to eliminate deforestation, environmental degradation and human rights violations in his supply chain. That promise is a massive lie.

While consumers can hardly avoid Cargill, Cargill’s corporate customers – restaurant chains, supermarkets and consumer-goods companies such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Walmart, Unilever and hundreds more – can!

We call on those companies to cut their ties with Cargill and to stop foisting Cargill products on consumers!

Some additional information on Cargill: Cargill is the largest privately held company in the United States, bigger than the notorious Koch Industries. Its presence extends across the globe.
And the worst company in the world
There is ample and compelling evidence to support this claim.

The people who became sick or died after consuming the contaminated Cargill meat, the child laborers who plant the cocoa that Cargill sells for chocolate consumption worldwide, the people of the American Midwest who drink the Cargill contaminated water, the indigenous peoples who are being displaced to Cargill’s fodder production due to massive deforestation, and last but not least, the common consumers who have to pay more for their food because of Cargill’s financial crimes – they are all feeling the effects of this agricultural giant.
Contact with Cargill has affected their life.

If you don’t want to support such a company with your money, you can try to boycott Cargill – but that’s not that easy.
The agricultural group produces and trades in grain, oilseeds, cocoa, animal feed, sweeteners, starches and other ingredients for processed foods, among other things.
“Cargill raw materials” can be found in an extremely large number of brands and products – but the name Cargill cannot be found on the packaging.

It is not possible to compile a complete list of corporations and brands that work with Cargill: there are simply too many companies, and it is often even possible to find out which of them are processing Cargill raw materials.

Therefore, the petition appeals to some of Cargil’s powerful partners.

The more people participate, the greater the pressure on companies – and on Cargill itself.

This call to Gargill’s customers can help a lot
Please sign the petition!

These companies must stop buying from Cargill until Cargill stops destroying native ecosystems, exploiting people and communities, and polluting public waters.

My best regards to all, Venus

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