the moral difference between slitting dogs and pigs


“Want to see cognitive dissonance in action?
The photo on the right, of a murdered dog, has been censored by Facebook. The photo on the left, of a murdered pig, has not been.
If there was ever anything that both Facebook mods and non-vegans (i.e. the ones who reported the dog image) have done to prove the very point of a vegan post, this is it”.

George Martin

And I mean…We humans, as a species, have successfully eaten our way to the top of the food chain.
And above all we Europeans consider ourselves to be particularly sensitive and animal-friendly when we are exceptionally outraged by the “sick and perverted” Chinese who eat the “wrong” animals.
Because we take animal welfare seriously here.
After all, we are not just some uncivilized animal that has run around. We are Homo Sapiens!

And what does homo sapiens have ?! He has rights! And lots of it.
The right of the strongest, for example. And then it would be an offense against natural law not to apply it.
So let’s do that and think of all kinds of ways to eat animals!
We can destroy any animal because we are stronger!!

The meat-eating home-pet protectors have set themselves the task of explaining to the Chinese that instead of dogs they should finally eat the right animals: cattle, chickens, pigs … just like normal people.

According to the motto … “Nobody cares about eating dogs. It’s about torturing! IT’S ALL ABOUT TORTURING! … “

But if we actually took this seriously, then in the end it would really prevent us from being able to eat animals at all, because every slaughter is about tormenting, and because now more and more people know that the pigs killed here are more intelligent than dogs there, or that they are at least as friendly, playful and trusting if we let them.

But that would be a certain inconvenience for our morality.
And above all, it would conflict with the law of the strongest. After all, this is a law of nature. And we take THAT seriously.
So seriously that we even consider it the duty of the strong to eat the weak.

Except for dogs, of course.

My best regards to all, Venus

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