Greece: Article and Support Link for the Stray Dogs of Loutraki Landfill.

The Tragic Story of Greece’s Loutraki Landfill Dogs

the Loutraki Landfill’s Garbage Dogs
The Loutraki Landfill dogs. Credit:

Julie from Manchester, England, has been in contact with us.

Julie’s message was bout animal welfare in Greece, especially the stray dogs lving off the Loutraki Landfill.

Julie has written a story about these dogs, which has been published in different magazines and newspapers.  Here is a link to one of those:

Loutraki Landfill’s Garbage Dogs
One of the Loutraki Landfill dogs is seen trying to find something to eat in the garbage. Credit:

Please check this excellent article out, which has many pictures of the strays and individuals who are devoted to helping them.  Aphrodite Tsoulaka, the Greek volunteer who has taken on the mammoth task of helping the dogs at the landfill, does not expect anything in return other than the gratification of seeing them living in better conditions.

If you want to make a donation to help the dogs or to visit the Facebook page dedicated to help and support for the dogs; all the information is given in the article.

Check out an additional article (including video) by clicking here:

Takis’ Shelter: The Greek Man Who Devotes His Life to Animals (video) (

Regards Mark

A dog drinking water from puddles on the landfill
A dog drinking water from a filthy puddle at the landfill. Credit:
landfill dogs

Animal Saviour – Tsoulaka feeding her landfill dogs. Credit:

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