Germany, Bavaria: 200 cattle die of famine -farmer didn’t feed them

Update from May 25, 4:37 p.m.: On Pentecost Sunday, officials discovered around 150 dead cattle on a farm in Middle Franconia (Bavaria) after an anonymous tip.

Federal Minister of Agriculture Julia Klöckner reacted in horror to the death of the animals. “I’m stunned that something like this can happen,” she said.
About 150 cattle died in agony in the stable of a fattening farm in the Frankish part of Bavaria.

The police suspect the farmer of neglecting the animals.
“We assume that the animals were not looked after for a longer period of time,” said Michael Petzold from the Central Franconia Police Headquarters on Tuesday.
“The fact is that the animals were extremely neglected.”

“This is definitely not a technical defect or an accident, but neglect,” said a police spokesman.
The farmer did not feed the animals.

The police are investigating the farmer,the motivation is still under investigation.

In view of this new case, the Social Democratic Party (the parliamentary group in the Bavarian state parliament) calls for better and more targeted controls to prevent such abuses in animal husbandry.

“This proves that the state government is still not controlling well enough, although a scandal of this magnitude now occurs every year,” said the agricultural policy spokeswoman Ruth Müller.

“We now need comprehensive clarification” (!!!)

Bavaria’s consumer protection minister Thorsten Glauber said that animal welfare violations are unacceptable and must have consequences. “It now needs comprehensive clarification by the investigative authorities.” According to a spokesman, the ministry has requested a report from the local authorities, which are responsible for the controls, but also the sanctions.

In this case, the district office and the veterinary office are responsible.
The affected company was checked for the last time in 2017 and 2018. That said the spokeswoman for the district office, Josephine Georgi.

No animal welfare violations were found, the stable was in good condition and there was enough feed. There are no legal requirements as to the intervals at which livestock farms have to be checked, explained the spokeswoman. These are carried out on an occasion and risk-related basis.
The veterinary office could not provide a fixed cycle – for example annually.

Just last year, video recordings of abused cows shocked many people in Bavaria.

The recordings triggered the so-called Allgäu animal protection scandal. You could see how cows are kicked and beaten or dragged through a stable with a tractor.

Update from May 26th, 1:46 p.m.: After around 150 dead cattle were found on a farm in Central Franconia on the weekend of Pentecost (see first report), the remaining 50 animals have now also died.
Police spokesman Michael Petzold said: “Some of them were in such bad shape that they were put to sleep. They had to be delivered quickly from their suffering ”.
The remaining cattle were emergency slaughtered, the spokesman said.

And I mean…“The police suspect the farmer of neglecting the animals.”
What else is supposed to have caused the starvation but neglect by the responsible animal molester?
There has never been enough time and staff to check the animal exploiters, especially not in times of Corona madness.

Animal farms in Germany were only inspected by the authorities every 17 years on average.
In Bavaria in particular, farmers practically do not have to expect official controls during their lifetime, as the control intervals are so short.

One scandal follows another because farms shamelessly exploit the government’s negligence and treat animals like objects.

The pictures from summer 2019 are still remembered.

Allgäu-SOKO animal welfare investigations-2019 

At that time, an animal protection scandal from the Allgäu shook the nationwide public.
Recordings made secretly by animal rights activists (SOKO) showed sick and injured cows on a farm in Unter Allgäu, ankle-deep in their own droppings, as well as animals being pulled across the stable floor with a crane.

The blood of the many exploited, tortured and neglected animals is also sticking to the hands of the authorities / veterinary office!
Not only the farmer has failed, but the responsible vets have failed, the failure continues, it never stops !!!

Why do animal abusers have so many rights? Why do animal abusers have such great power?

In what Banana Republic are we actually living?

It is a shame and indictment for Germany!

My best regards to all, Venus

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