India: 27/5/21 – Latest Rescue Videos From the Crew At ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’. Sad Starts But Happy Endings !

Above – Founding family Erika, Claire and Jim,and the Animal Aid Unlimited team.

WAV Comment – I (Mark) communicate with Erika every week; and we discuss many things that relate to nature and how the world could be improved on. Here below are their latest wonderful vidoes on how they keep going and saving animals, despite the terrible Covid situation in India, Enjoy

Regards Mark


Dear Mark,

Awakening trust and love in animals who have been abused is a beautiful part of our job. We rescued Alex a few months ago with a fractured leg. As a tonga pony, pulling carts filled with people or sand and bricks, he has endured blasting horns, toxic fumes in traffic, and suffered in heat exceeding 40C.

During his first weeks with us, Alex held his neck rigid and his head high. If you came near, his ears laid flat back, his eyes would flash and he’d immediately threaten to bite. It was clearly a learned distrust of any human contact.

Our first step in helping his emotional healing has been to give him freedom to make his own choices.

We keep him untethered so that he can move freely as every animal must, and decide where he feels comfortable. Now his posture is relaxed when we approach him with tasty biscuits. He loves them! And very slowly he is letting us touch his neck while he chews. Only for a moment, though!

If Alex ever accepts human touch, it will be his choice. And if he never accepts human touch, we’ll understand, and love him anyway.

Thank you for giving us the means to give forever sanctuary to our sweetheart, Alex.

Healing Bounce’s fear, a sweetheart rescued with wire embedded in his neck.

Bounce hadone of the most disturbing wounds we’ve seen in a long time. An animal lover from about an hour outside of Udaipur saw him running with a wire embedded in his neck and called us to rescue him. He was extremely fearful, so to catch him we lured him into a portable cage and then hurried him back to Animal Aid.

When we cut the wire off we found that the wound was even worsethan we’d suspected–maggots had burrowed into the deepest parts of the long gash. We immediately began treating the wound, without knowing if we’d found him in time to save his life.

From pain and despair, watch Bounce love life again.

Make a donation today.

Barnaby’s jaw was broken, but now he’s healed and home with mom and dad!

Street puppy Barnabywas probably innocently playing when a passing vehicle hit him right on his nose.

Bleeding from his mouth and nose, he seemed disoriented. We feared he might have a brain injury but were relieved to find him alert and with normal mentation. We found that he did have a very minor jaw fracture. Puppies this young are fast healers, so we were delighted that with pain medicine to ease the swelling, Barnaby ate like a champ.

We kept him quiet and comforted for 15 days, and as he grew stronger, we could see how eager he was to go back to his parents and siblings. This injury healed well, but without pain medicine, soft food and loving care, Barnaby might not have made it.

Meet him now, big and strong.

Help injured sweethearts heal. Please donate today.

Sponsor the wobbling wonderful Luna!

Darling Luna has an untreatable condition called cerebullar hypoplasia. This condition, which she’s most likely had from birth, is caused by developmental damage to the part of her brain that controls motor functions. This means that she has very wobbly legs and it’s hard for her to balance.

But this doesn’t stop Luna from being one of the most active, playful, and loving girls we’ve ever met. She’s all heart, and even though she falls down sometimes, gets covered in her food when she eats, and has to try extra hard just to stay standing in one place, she is full of joy.

Luna could never survive on the street, so she relies on sponsorships from caring supporters like you to give her a life-long home full of love and care in Animal Aid.

Please click here to sponsor Luna:

Luna | Animal Aid Unlimited

Hurt to healed: the magical Mr. Flowers

Oh so sad and suffering with mange, Mr Flowers(whose name occurred to us after we got to know him) was in danger of dying due to secondary infections caused by the skin disease. In villages and cities that don’t have animal rescue services, dogs like Mr Flowers don’t stand a chance. But we got to Mr. Flowers in time, and his sore mangey body responded beautifully to treatment. 

Within three weeks, shiny black skin replaced the crusty yellow scabs, and a fresh new coat of fur is well on the way. 

A simple story, but not without its hero!

Thank you for helping animals feel life’s joy again. Please donate today.

Watch Mr Flowers video by clicking here:

(20+) Watch | Facebook

And go shopping here:

Animal Aid Unlimited Shop

Regards Mark

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