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Netherlands: The Official Animal Rights March 25/8/2018 | Amsterdam.




The Official Animal Rights March 2018 | Amsterdam

August 25th  @ 12:00 – 16:00

This event is happening the world over – click on the link below to find your nearest.


The Official Animal Rights March is an annual march founded by UK animal rights organisation Surge. The march began in London in 2016 with 2,500 vegans and in 2017 the march doubled to 5,000 vegans marching in London for animal liberation. In 2018 we want to see THOUSANDS MORE vegans taking over the streets of London and other cities, demanding an end to all animal oppression.

This will be the first time we arrange this march in Amsterdam and we need your help!

Please invite your friends, tell every vegan you meet, this is the day that we unite, where we stand up, rise up and say no more, not in our name.

The future is vegan, but we must continue to speak out on behalf of the animals until the day that their suffering ends.

All details, including the route will be published closer to the time.

Save the date, spread the word – and let’s make history for the animals.



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The following photo is from the London meet in 2017.

arm london

“It happens everywhere”: a dangerous generalization!



These video from a slaughterhouse in Australia reached me yesterday

This video has a good and a bad message:
The good news: Animal Liberation Activists have occupied the slaughterhouse’s roof on Monday, while others are protesting against the treatment of animals.

The bad news: The video ends with the sad confession: “Business as usual, every day in every country”.

I imagine it like this: I’m watching news on TV. A serial rapist has been arrested, he has brutally raped and murdered some women. The reporter ends the message thus: “Murderers, as we know them, every day and in every country”.

The reporter would be released and a protest action against the broadcaster would start.

For videos with documented animal cruelty in slaughterhouses is (mostly) a clear goal in the foreground: the non-vegan FB users to disillusion, according to the motto: If anyone thinks that this brutal animal massacre takes place ONLY here, we warn against!

This happens everywhere, so stop eating meat right away! We never know how many people will actually turn vegan after this video.
But it is an excellent opportunity to criticize the butcher’s job.


geschlachteter Pferde Kopf_n
All these sadists who let their fury, their brutality and their sick hatred for defenseless animals in a slaughterhouse should be classified as dangerous killers.

And if such are indeed found everywhere, in every slaughterhouse in the world, then every slaughterhouse raises the suspicion that it is a point of departure, where mentally damaged people may live out their illnesses, which they otherwise would have left out to humans. And they will be paid for it!

In a nutshell: those who suffer under abnormal social behavior can go to the slaughterhouse.

Slaughterhouses are therefore illegal facilities to protect the society of potential sadists, rapists, mass murderers and the like.

Animals Australia-Hängende Kuh_n

And from these mentally retarded, from these weak heads, we also expect from them to slaughter animals, as the law prescribes? But people who are guided only by sick instincts and emotions, have no interest in laws and regulations, at most on their own safety they can pay attention.

The slaughterhouse operator from Gathercole’s Abattoir has refused to comment on the footage, said Daily Mail.

I would have done the same!
When I run an institution with dangerous psychopaths, I have a responsibility to keep them busy. Because as soon as I dismiss them, the life of my child and all children in South Melbourne is in danger.

My best regards to all, Venus

CEO of Pepsi Is Stepping Down -Her Legacy ? – Killing the Great Apes. Take Action to Remind Her.

pepsi 5



Pepsi’s palm-oil record is ugly.

Now its CEO of 12 years, Indra Nooyi, is stepping down — and it’s our chance to push her to do the right thing and clear her legacy of the illegal rainforest destruction and worker abuse happening on palm oil plantations.

The CEO wants to be remembered for the good work she’s done and with your help, we can point her in the right direction. It’s actually pretty simple, all that she needs to do is deliver on Pepsi’s outstanding palm oil promises before she steps down on October 3rd.


The big issue clouding Nooyi’s legacy? Pepsi’s business partnership with Indonesian palm oil vilain IndoFood guilty of destroying rainforests and ongoing human rights abuses on its plantations.

Sign the petition telling Pepsi’s departing CEO Indra Nooyi to cut ties with IndoFood and fix Pepsi’s palm oil policy for good.

Pepsi’s business partner IndoFood is one of the industry’s worst offenders. Multiple investigations have exposed a culture of disregard for environmental laws, and a feudal attitude towards its workers.


Under Nooyi’s leadership, Pepsi has tried to fool us with warm words about its palm oil commitments and the loopholes allowing Indofood to act like a bully.

The cold fact is, CEO Indra Nooyi has been trying to pass the buck on the issue for years. Pepsi profits from palm oil destruction through its Joint Venture Partnership with IndoFood.

But Indra Nooyi knows her last few weeks as CEO are crucial. She won’t want her name to be mired in a huge public campaign and media storm about palm oil scandals, while her critics and business leaders are writing up articles about her legacy.

pepsi 6
Please sign the petition to urge Indra Nooyi, in her last few weeks as CEO, to take action for the planet and the people.

Sign the petition telling Pepsi’s departing CEO’s Indra Nooyi to cut ties with palm oil vilain IndoFood and fix Pepsi’s palm oil policy for good.

Palm oil destruction is wreaking havoc in Southeast Asia. The Indonesian island of Borneo loses an area of forest the size of a football pitch EVERY 47 seconds. And as forests are cleared for palm oil, endangered species like orangutans and pygmy elephants lose their habitat and die.

pepsi 4

In the last 16 years, half of Borneo’s orangutan population was wiped out.

SumOfUs members have shamed palm-oil guzzling brands into action before. Last year, over 200,000 of us signed a petition telling Nestle to drop their Guatemalan palm oil supplier REPSA, after it was found guilty of ecocide, causing massive fish and wildlife die-offs — and we won!

Together, we can push Indra Nooyi to come good on her promises, and leave a legacy to be proud of at Pepsi. Can you sign the petition to push Indra Nooyi to make her final act count for the planet and the people?

 Sign the Petition 

Thanks for all that you do,
Rebecca, Fatah, and the team at SumOfUs


pepsi 7

More information:

Profits Over People and Planet: Exposing PepsiCo’s Real Agenda, Rainforest Action Network, April 2017
PepsiCo and Nestlé Criticised Over Palm Oil Rainforest Clearance in Borneo, The Grocer, 12 April 2018
The Human Cost of Conflict Palm Oil, Rainforest Action Network, June 2016


Live Animal Transport -Right or Wrong ?

Regarding our very recent post re live animals being illegally transported with the EU in extreme heat;  – some people may argue that what we say is incorrect when we talk of regulations not being enforced by the EU.

EoA June 2

Here is the link to the EU Regulation 1/2005 of 22nd December 2004 on the ‘protection’ of animals during transport.   Here you can check out maximum transport temperatures for yourselves.  This is the ‘bible’ document that all animal transporters throughout the EU should be compliant with.

As we declared in our previous post, the EU is NOT enforcing its own regulations regarding the protection of animals during transport.

EOA Turkey 2

We can prove this by showing you some examples of videos made relating to live EU animals being transported to non EU Turkey.  There are graphic scenes; but this is the reality; the reality which Junker, Tusk and Van Goethem do not want you to know about.  They declare that the EU has rules as detailed in the 1/2005 links given above; so why do we raise questions  ?


See for yourself and decide; who is right and who is wrong ?



In the following you can see investigator Margreet –


Necessary to have the fortitude and conscience to end this fowl activity.

Please stay on it with your photos and devotion.

– Thanks Dawn – Regards Mark.

Netherlands: ‘Summer Heat’ By Margreet (Eyes on Animals – Amsterdam)


Margreet is a good personal friend to us and an excellent investigator.

Europe has been hit by huge hot weather issues for up to 7 or 8 weeks without rain.  Things have eventually changed and the past week or so has seen the rains return.

During the hot spell across Europe, animals were transported to slaughter regardless of the conditions.  Was the EU really interested in enforcing Reg 1/2005 which states that animals must not be transported above specific temperatures ? – of course not; they are much more concerned with UK Brexit bashing to punish the UK because it dare leave the almighty EU;  – dreaming up everything possible to make it hard for the UK whilst animals across the EU literally bake in the steel livestock trailers taking them to have their throats slit.

We have always had a real gripe with Bernard Van Goethem – one of the key players in animal transport issues and the man with his head in the sand who says ‘I can do nothing’ when presented with clear and obvious animal abuses to EU animals when being transported to Turkey and other such destinations.  Margreet has been deeply involved with the investigations into EU animals being hauled out to non EU Turkey.  Over the years EoA have video recorded and documented all the suffering at the Turkish / EU border – for what ? – the almighty EU to just ignore them and instead worry more about female hairdressers being allowed to wear high heeled shoes at work.

The EU is dying gradually and we really look forward to the day when it takes its final breath.  Self imposed, un elected importants named Junker and Tusk and Van Goethem who talk the talk but in reality, do very little to make the EU a better place.  They cannot even enforce their own EU legislation ! – that shows how bad they are.  But they are really good at UK bashing because it voted to get out of the happy house and go it alone.

This is just the start of the demise of the EU institution.  A no good, non enforceable system of regulations and laws which they in the Commissions hope will blindly lead the ‘normal’ EU citizen to the path of the righteous.  Things will change for the better when this fossil of jokes called the EU is thrown into the unmarked grave with lots of quicklime.

Here below is Margreets own words on a typical transport day in the EU during extreme heat.  Yet another reasons why EU member states need to take back control and stop the abuse.

Summer heat

Margreet 1

If I could write a short newsletter to describe my experience during my two-week inspections of livestock trucks at both collecting stations and slaughterhouses during the recent heatwave? I would, but to make it short and personal I found near on impossible…

Pigs, waiting in the extreme heat…outside slaughterhouses.
Pigs, with little room to find space to lie down without touching the others. This is something that as humans we do when we get too hot and want to cool down, we search for our own space, to avoid physical contact with others.
Pigs, denied access to water because, under EU regulations, water is not obligatory for transport journeys under 8 hours; even during a heatwave of 35C+. You can give water to the pigs, but  you are not legally obliged to, so no one does. While I kept drinking litres of water to remain alert and on my feet, the pigs had nothing.
Pigs, lay there panting and frothing at the mouth, all of them suffering from heat-stress.

Margreet 2

Pigs, waiting for hours on board stationary trucks in extreme temperatures before they were finally unloaded into the slaughterhouse lairage. Ironic that your relief, as a pig transported in a heatwave, is when you can finally be unloaded into the slaughterhouse…

During our inspections we documented evidence on how the Dutch “Heat Protocol for Live Animal Transport” does not work; how it is failing the animals. In that regard, it was a successful investigation, but, for me personally, it was very hard ;  extremely  hard, both physically and mentally. After two weeks of witnessing the suffering, I felt like collapsing. I was sad, angry, frustrated, in shock; a mix of strong emotions. I am, as the English poet Coleridge would say: Sadder and wiser.

Margreet 3

But I take comfort in knowing that, with Eyes on Animals, I have the chance to effectively reduce future suffering. The video footage that we took, of heat stressed pigs, was shown on a number of Dutch TV programmes, including RTL4Omroep Brabant and Hart van Nederland. We will also be meeting with the Dutch Ministry officials and the Dutch Livestock Transport Branche in early September to discuss improvements to the Heat Protocol for Live Animal Transport. And we received some positive news from the manager of one of the slaughterhouses we inspected; he has promised to purchase large fans, to reduce the heat stress experienced by the animals whilst waiting to be unloaded.

I also take comfort with the thought that there will come a time when the rest of humankind will agree that we cannot treat animals this way.

Margreet, Senior Inspector Eyes on Animals


bernard van goethem

Above – EU ‘important’ Bernard van Goethem;

or to put it another way:

eu crisis 2

From Dawn:

Heinous stupid and mean behaviour from these humans to those who don’t look like them.







UK: Use Brexit And Lead The Way To End All Fur Imports; Prime Minister Told.



Use Brexit to end fur imports, celebrities including Judi Dench, Ricky Gervais and Andy Murray urge Theresa May

‘Britain’s responsibility to animals does not end at our borders’


chinese fur farm rabbits

Above – Rabbits on a Chinese Fur Farm.

Dame Judi Dench, Paloma Faith and Andy Murray are among more than 30 celebrities urging Theresa May to introduce a UK ban on animal fur imports after Brexit.

Fur farming has been illegal in the UK since 2000, but fur from animals such as foxes, rabbits and minks continues to be imported.

According to Humane Society International (HSI), Britain has imported over £650m-worth of fur since the ban on farming.

A letter delivered to the Prime Minister on Monday and signed by 31 high-profile British figures argues “this makes no sense”.

“If fur is too cruel to produce in this country, it’s too cruel to sell in this country.

“We believe that Britain’s responsibility to animals does not end at our borders, but extends globally, to those animals killed to be traded into our country.”

A total ban on imports of animal fur is impossible as long as the UK is a member of the European Single Market, as fur products are still produced in several European countries.

Read more

But HSI hopes that Brexit will provide the chance for the government to “close our borders fully to this cruel and archaic trade”.

According to HSI, more than 100 million animals die each year for the fur trade, many of them reared in tiny barren cages, electrocuted, gassed or even skinned alive.

Monday’s letter was written to support the #FurFreeBritain campaign, which calls on the government to extend a current ban on imports of dog and cat fur to all species and is backed by animal welfare charities including HSI, PETA, the RSPCA and Animal Aid.

Signatories include Bill Bailey, Fearne Cotton, Joanna Lumley, Ricky Gervais and Simon Amstell.

An inquiry into the fur trade was launched last week by the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Committee, which will examine “how the industry can be made more transparent” and look at post-Brexit possibilities for altering legislation around the import of fur.

The inquiry follows revelations last year that a number of major retailers including Amazon, TK Maxx, Boohoo and Groupon were selling products containing animal fur, despite advertising them as synthetic.


USA: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Trying To Open The Door To Mass Wildlife Killings – Take Action.

Dear Mark,

Suppose you’re a senior member of the Trump administration responsible for wildlife conservation.

Tell me, what on Earth would possess you to open National Park lands to brutal and vicious killing of wolves, bears and other predators?

That’s exactly what’s being considered.

And Mark, that’s just the beginning of the death and destruction this administration is unleashing.

Make a generous gift to Defenders of Wildlife today and your gift will be tripled, thanks to a match offer from our Board of Directors and President’s Circle. They will kick in $2 for every $1 you give, up to a total of $150,000.

But please hurry, the match offer ends Friday, August 31st.

This heinous proposal would open National Park Service lands in Alaska to a brutal array of killing efforts. In the crosshairs are bears, wolves and other predators. The proposal would allow for new, cruel hunting practices on national preserves, like baiting bears with doughnuts or bacon or shooting mother wolves and their pups in their dens to artificially boost moose and other game animal numbers.

I wish I could say that was the only appalling proposal we’re facing right now, but sadly it’s the tip of the iceberg.

Just consider:

Red wolves. Recent U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) proposals would confine these wolves to a tiny patch of habitat and permit landowners to shoot any wolf that happens to wander onto their property.

Mexican gray wolves. This smaller cousin of the gray wolf continues to hang by a thread, and FWS seems uninterested in mounting a serious recovery effort. A so-called ‘recovery plan’ submitted in 2017 is basically a recipe for extinction. It disregards the best available science, limits the species’ population, and cuts off access to vital recovery habitat.

Polar bears. Global warming’s effect on the Arctic is especially dramatic. With sea ice melting, polar bears in the U.S. are increasingly dependent on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. But instead of protecting this critical habitat, the administration is opening the region to oil exploration. That’s really bad news if you happen to be a polar bear.

The list goes on and on. When you combine all of these cruel proposals, you can appreciate the scope of danger facing our precious wildlife.

That’s why your help is so important right now. And why your gift will be tripled if you give by August 31st.

When you support Defenders, you’re a part of our community of wildlife activists. You’re supporting wildlife lawyers who, right this minute, are in court fighting for the wildlife you love. You’re supporting organizers to engage every voice in America to protect wildlife. And you’re supporting a team of advocates who work every day in Washington, D.C. and in statehouses across the country to save wildlife from destructive policy proposals.

Mark, I continue to have hope because most Americans favor strong wildlife protections and because people like you refuse to give up the fight.

From the bottom of my heart, my deepest thanks for your commitment, compassion and generosity.


Jamie Rappaport Clark
President, Defenders of Wildlife


P.S. These attacks are stretching our resources to the limit. Your gift, along with the matching dollars, will help keep us in the fight!




Save the Animals from Sacrifice in Religious Rituals

Petition created on Jun 22, 2016

 petition keyboard

Petition link –

Animals are creatures of God and have the right to live. We cannot allow any kind of animals used for religious rituals of any religion.

We see dead cats, dogs, roosters, leave them lying in the streets, surrounded with flowers, candles. They cut their necks, pluck their heads, they torture to kill them.

The Government of Venezuela should prohibit this at all costs, with harsh Laws against animal abuse and investigating these cases to find the culprits.








England: Pet Shop Ban Plan for Puppy and Kitten Sales in England.


pup 1

Pet Shop Ban Plan for Puppy, Kitten Sales in England

The government believes that third-party sales mean animals are too often separated early from their mothers, undertake multiple journeys and are introduced to several new and unfamiliar environments, harming their welfare.

Pet shops in England should be banned from selling puppies and kittens, the government proposed Wednesday, in a bid to put the squeeze on unscrupulous puppy farms. Puppies or kittens less than six months old will have to be bought directly from the breeder or adopted from a rescue centre, under the proposed new law.

pup 2

The government is concerned that third-party sales lead to poorer welfare conditions.

“We are proposing to ban commercial third-party sales of puppies and kittens in England,” the environment ministry said, as it launched a one-month public consultation on their plans. “This will prevent pet shops, pet dealers, and other outlets from selling these animals in England unless they themselves had bred them.”

The government believes that third-party sales mean animals are too often separated early from their mothers, undertake multiple journeys and are introduced to several new and unfamiliar environments, harming their welfare.

kitten 2

Estimates for the numbers of puppies sold via third parties in Britain range between 40,000 and 80,000. The Kennel Club, which registers newborn puppies, said it was “a vital step forward to tackling the cruel puppy farming industry”.

“It will stop the suffering of many dogs and send a very strong message to puppy buyers that it is never OK to see a puppy in any environment other than the one it was born and raised in, and with its mum,” said the club’s secretary Caroline Kisko.

A petition calling for such a ban was signed by nearly 150,000 people and was debated in parliament in May. Television vet Marc Abraham, who kickstarted the campaign, said the plan would make all breeders and puppy farms “completely transparent and accountable” which “completely raises the stakes for animal welfare”.

“There’s nowhere to hide: a pet shop can’t blame the breeder and the breeder can’t blame the pet shop,” he told BBC radio.

Australia: 22/8/18. Brilliant Breaking News. Major Exporter Emanuel Exports has had their licence PERMANENTLY CANCELLED by the regulator.



Hi again Mark,

Today we awoke to some truly great news in our ongoing campaign to save sheep from the horror of live export.

Emanuel Exports has had their licence permanently cancelled by the regulator.

One of the world’s largest exporters of animals will no longer be able to operate.

This company (and its directors) has been responsible for shipping the majority of the 200 million sheep that have been sent to the Middle East over the past forty years. Over 1.5 million defenceless animals have died on their vessels – and through the courage and compassion of a crewman Fazal Ullah – the world now knows the egregious suffering that this company was willing to accept for decades.

My own journey with this company started shortly after joining CEO, Glenys Oogjes at Animals Australia in 2003. It is Emanuel Exports that was responsible for the Cormo Express disaster where over 5,000 sheep perished, and it was their shipment that I met in Kuwait City in November that year, on which over 1,000 sheep had died. While in Kuwait, I witnessed firsthand the brutal treatment that this company was prepared to expose millions of sheep to, for decades.

The directors of Emanuel Exports have been responsible for some of the worst mass death events in the trade and the associated suffering that we now understand so fully. In 2006 we had them found guilty of cruelty in the WA Magistrates Court. We lodged legal complaint after legal complaint against them and generated media exposé after media exposé. And this year, we took this export giant to the Federal Court on behalf of animals.

Animals Australia has battled this company for the past 15 years, and on each occasion that we revealed the suffering they were responsible for, we took them ever closer to the brink.

So today, Emanuel’s day of reckoning, has been a long time coming. It has been a David and Goliath battle throughout many years — and ‘David’ today has won. They may have had the ‘power’ and millions of dollars at their disposal. But we have been ‘armed’ by the glorious kind hearts of our generous supporters who have been prepared to back every courageous and compassionate action we have taken over those years.
Today, as we remember all of those who’ve suffered, we breathe a sigh of relief for the countless animals who will be spared a horror journey

As you well know, this is a journey that asks so much of us. It’s one that is only for the strong-hearted because the ark of justice is truly long. But I have never lost faith that justice would prevail. That’s because every day I am surrounded by the strong-hearted. People like you who share our vision and whose faith in us never wavers — and a team of resilient, committed advocates who I am so proud to call my colleagues.

The fight to end live export continues, and today we are one big step closer.

But for now, here’s to the strong-hearted. Here’s to you in heartfelt gratitude for sharing our vision for a kinder world.

For the animals,

Lyn – Animals Australia


Read more here –