Germany: the criminal methods of laboratory “researchers”!





This is how animals are tortured at the DKFZ Heidelberg: Mice die painfully for questionable cancer research!




At the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), human bone cancer tumors are implanted into mice. They suffer for weeks and suffer agonizingly from the consequences of the cancer. The nationwide association Doctors Against Animal Experiments condemns the experiments, especially since the therapy tested in the mice was already found to be effective in human cell cultures and classified as safe in patients. No efficacy could be demonstrated in the mouse study.

Ewing sarcoma is a malignant and serious cancer that usually affects the bones, especially in children and adolescents. The chances of survival of the patients are low.

According to the medical association, there is an urgent need for targeted research to understand and cure this dire condition. “However, the right model system is essential for successful research,” explains Dr. Tamara Zietek, scientist at Doctors Against Animal Experiments. However, to date, animal studies are used for the research of Ewing- sarcoma, although even renowned scientists point to the problem of the lack of transferability to humans.

The mice in the Heidelberg study undergo weeks of severe cancer, which is associated with great pain. In addition, the animals are injected with the virus, sometimes daily, into the tumors. Almost all animals die within 36 to 50 days. The mice are not even killed when they die, but they wait until they succumb to the cancer.


According to the EU- Animal Test Guideline, such “heavy-duty” animal experiments in which animals are exposed to considerable suffering and pain that last longer and cannot be alleviated are generally prohibited. Germany has misapplied this passage to the detriment of the animals. “But even with the lax German law, the authority would have to reject the trial application,” Zietek demands.

The association Doctors Against Animal Testing has asked the regional council Karlsruhe, which is responsible for the approval of animal experiments in Heidelberg, not to approve such animal testing applications.

Note: I know many of you find cancer research very important and essential, even on innocent animals that would otherwise never get cancer. Many of you even donate money, over and over again and find the collecting actions on television – supported by VIPs and do-gooders – a really great thing.

But you must know that researchers want and need to keep researching, otherwise they would be unemployed. So, the solution to curing cancer is NEVER found! Pharmaceutical companies can only earn money over decades (meanwhile 100 years) and receive very large margins (profits).



You have to think about it: Human therapy is already in progress and has been shown to be effective in human cell cultures, but ineffective in the animal.

Although the therapy is intended for use in humans, you want to continue torturing animals until the therapy also works in animals. A total ethical and intellectual bankruptcy statement that once again proves that most scientists in animal testing rely solely on the publication of studies, as it is known that the number of published studies promotes careers regardless of the quality, scientific and usefulness of the studies.

“There are only two reasons for animal testing: either you know too little about it, or you make money from it”!! (Dr. Werner Hartinger)

I quote from a very appropriate comment :

“…Psychopaths have applied for this “research”, psychopaths have approved it and psychopaths carry it out. Otherwise I can not explain such nonsense. Here the creature is tormented and tortured without meaning and reason…”!

My best regards, Venus


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