Day: September 29, 2018

China: Keychains as coffins for animals!




When, for the first time, the keychains with live animals were reported years ago, many thought that they were fakenews. But it is true!

Seven years after CNN first reported it and sparked a global protest by animal welfare organizations, The Star Online spotted a street vendor who traded in a “live animal key chain” tourism market for 15 to 20 yuan ($ 3.10 to $ 4.10 sold).

In the small plastic bags were baby turtles, fish and salamanders filled with oxygen-enriched water and colored in bright fluorescent colors. There is also a single pellet in a plastic bag that feeds the animal. The animals can only move in confined spaces, but have no room to turn around. With a string attached to a plastic wrap, they can be attached to keys, bags or cell phones.

According to the description, the animals in the bags do not have to be fed for three months!!

Ecohydrology professor Sam Walton says: “There might be enough oxygen and food in the plastic wrap, but the animal waste from digestion and respiration is toxic and will kill them. They basically poison themselves with ammonia, and even painfully. The temperature shock and the physical shock, when they are shaken, causes that the animals be killed soon” he explains.
As “animal cruelty” accused Walton these souvenirs.

Schildkröte in Behälter

Xiamen, a coastal city in southeastern China, is one of China’s five special economic zones, with many major shopping malls selling all kinds of goods, including home appliances, fashion, gold and silver jewelry, jade items, art and antiques. But there are also souvenirs of all kinds, not just the “key chain” with live animals.

For children, there are small so-called plastic containers with living animals such as turtles. These turtles spend their lives in tiny containers. Children love them!!

Large specimens of such animals are also eaten in China. Tens of thousands of dollars pay Chinese for turtles, which are threatened worldwide, because they should increase their potency!

If a national animal welfare law were enacted, such things could not be sold. Rather, people who violate this law would be punished. There is no animal welfare in China and so there is no way to tackle the sellers, and even more the key fob producers.

My comment: China discovered a few years ago the business of tourism and the consumption rush.

And so they see tourism as a lucrative source of income, and eating meat means a high standard of live for them. In China, the more exotic the animal food, the better.
China’s tourism revenues totaled $ 832 billion in 2017.
For this purpose, the tourism industry knows no moral limit in relation to animals.

It is high time that some enlightened animal rights activists ensure that the country adopts an animal welfare law.

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South Korea: 26/9/18 – Latest News From Save Korean Dogs.

South Kores


26/9/18 – Latest News From Save Korean Dogs.


Adopt dogs rescued from dog meat industry
Dogs rescued from dog meat industry in South Korea by Nami Kim and her team are waiting for their loving and caring forever homes. Thank you for opening your heart and your home to these angels!

Click HERE to see the dogs available for adoption.

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2022: the year of the tiger!

Nepal can be proud of this number: According to a study, 235 tigers were currently counted in Nepal. Thus, the number of threatened big cats has almost doubled from 121 in 2009 to today. If this positive trend continues, Nepal will be the first tiger country to reach its goal of doubling the number of its wild tigers by 2022.

800-tiger-nepal 106fcf8c01

The small country in the Himalayas has already taken an absolute pioneering role in tiger conservation. The fragmentation of important habitats and poaching are among the greatest threats to the imposing big cats. The year 2022 is not only a realistic, but also a symbolic target, because it will be according to the Chinese calendar again the year of the tiger!!

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USA: Turtles Don’t Vote; But You Can -Help Them With Better Protection – In The November Elections.




This November’s elections will be some of the most consequential in decades. They are important. Are you registered to vote?

Visit our Endangered Species Voter Action Center and find out if you
are registered to vote!

Even if you think you are correctly registered to vote, please check.
If you have moved in the last year, you will likely need to register again.
Checking now will assure that you are not surprised when you go to the polls.

Checking your registration online at our Endangered Species Voter
Action Center is easy and only takes a minute.

Congress has a say in so many issues related to conservation and
wildlife. November is your chance to have a say in who is in Congress. Please visit our Endangered
Species Action Center and verify your registration today.


Cassie Burdyshaw, Advocacy & Policy Director
Turtle Island Restoration Network


turtle 2

Thank You – The Turtles.





Love Dogs ? – Then SAV Facebook Is For You. News, Videos and The Need for Forever Homes.


indoor dog

Love dogs especially ? – and naturally cats; then please visit our SAV Facebook site by clicking on the following link:


This site is on going and deals daily with shelters and animal issues in the Balkans.  It provides the service of allowing some 1,300 members to post appeals and issues that are daily related to them.  If you wish to find out more about these brilliant Serbian shelters and the wonderful animals and people which are living and working in them; then please visit this site.

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This site is constantly updated every day by members of the group and it is an ongoing site.  There are many animals seeking adoption and forever homes.

Apply to be a member if you wish and join up hundreds of other brilliant animal welfare people and be able to add your views and comments to this forever growing family.

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