Day: September 14, 2018

USA: Circus Elephants Forced To Perform In Deep, Wet Mud. Many Hit With Bullhooks.


At a time when animal circuses are shutting down or dropping cruel animal acts, Loomis Bros. Circus is still forcing elephants and big cats to perform. At a recent show, an elephant named Okha was forced to perform ridiculous tricks in extremely deep, wet mud, putting her in danger.

The circus’s animal exhibitor, Brian Franzen, was also caught on video striking another elephant, named Megu, in the jaw with a bullhook while she was lying down.

Federal regulators disciplined Franzen when a worker was caught striking an elephant named Kosti in the face with a bullhook—and Franzen was convicted of cruelty to animals after emaciated ponies were confiscated from a filthy trailer. He was also recently filmed repeatedly whipping and jabbing at a tiger.

The Highlands County Fairgrounds in Florida canceled scheduled Loomis Bros. shows after hearing from thousands of local residents and PETA supporters about this cruelty, and following performances by the circus, the University of South Carolina–Aiken committed to not hosting another animal circus.

Please urge Loomis Bros. to join the many modern, humane circuses by ending its cruel animal acts.