Day: September 11, 2018

The worries of a sheep breeder!




The shepherd Johann Gloßner keeps grazing animals and sees no way to protect them from the wolf. But, for the shooting of the wolf, he is still not.

The wolf is back. That’s for sure. And he splits the society. While conservationists are very fond of his return, hunters and especially the livestock owners see things quite differently. At least that applies to the shepherd Johann Gloßner.


He says that the tolerance of the wolf without any “ifs and buts” threatens the whole branch of the sheep farmers and other grazing livestock in their existence. Because it is simply not possible to protect the animals with reasonable financial effort from the predator Wolf.

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England: Dog Biscuit Donations Made To Help Stray Dogs In Serbia.


This is the reality of the dog catchers / Pozega Pound – where the caught dogs end up.


Dear Denise,

We are enormously grateful for the kindness are and such generous donation, that will help our kennels and food costs for over 75 dogs we rescued from the most horrific places in Earth. We had a really rough summer and this contribution has come at the most needed moment

Biisc 1 - Copy.JPG

Please send our deepest respect and love to the volunteers who make and sell dog biscuits to help the dogs in need!

The world would be a better place if there were more people like You! 

With love, 

Humanimal Balkans Admin Team

poz4 feb



Pozega january 1 


biscuit 1

biscuit 2

Sweden: Activists liberate 5000 minks. Thank you!




Bite Back

Published on Aug 21, 2018

On the 19th of August 2018, activists entered a fur farm during a protest in Hjo, Sweden. 5000 mink were freed from their cages.

A heartfelt “THANK YOU” to the activists of Sweden, who released the imprisoned on the cages of their sadistic Farma operators.
The argument that the liberated could be run over by cars or cannot survive in the wild is weak.
Every fate as a free being is better than the brutal, agonizing death of every day and for long time.
And then, there are the direct or collateral financial damage to the farm.
We can not liberate all animals, but we can use practices that the animal-raising industry fears most.
That is the “economic sabotage”.

My best regards to all, Venus