The worries of a sheep breeder!




The shepherd Johann Gloßner keeps grazing animals and sees no way to protect them from the wolf. But, for the shooting of the wolf, he is still not.

The wolf is back. That’s for sure. And he splits the society. While conservationists are very fond of his return, hunters and especially the livestock owners see things quite differently. At least that applies to the shepherd Johann Gloßner.


He says that the tolerance of the wolf without any “ifs and buts” threatens the whole branch of the sheep farmers and other grazing livestock in their existence. Because it is simply not possible to protect the animals with reasonable financial effort from the predator Wolf.

The broken heart of the shepherd!

To the financial damage done by the predator comes the broken heart of the shepherds, who cherish and nurture their animals and build a strong connection to them. This could depress sheep and grazing livestock so that they even give up. “If a sheep owner comes to his herd and finds that a bloodbath has taken place here, he will consider stopping.” Such a situation was a trauma for the sheep owner. He would have to recover not only dead but also seriously injured animals, which can not be made good with economic compensation.

Foto mit Fleischteilena

However, the more holders give up, the more negative the landscape will change, as the care of the sheep disappears.

As an effective means on the part of the policy shepherds are recommended the keeping of herd protection dogs. They are to protect sheep from a wolf attack by protecting the herd with their lives from the robber, if necessary.

For shepherd Gloßner, however, it is still out of the question to buy protection dogs, because his areas are not to be compared with the conditions of an uninhabited place or sparsely populated Eastern European countries.

For people in a densely populated area, these dogs are dangerous. “A good herding dog attacks everything he sees: cyclists, walkers – just anyone.” The effort is not feasible. He would need 22 dogs for his eleven herds. Feeding them all alone, it would eat up most of his lamb production, not to mention the labor required to educate the dogs.

The fact that these dogs are still recommended is because in the meantime a lot of money is made with the puppies.
But their breeders would conceal, that there was still Wolf cracks. Because wolves develop a tactic to distract the dogs and then attack. In addition, herds would be scattered by wolves, an uncontrollable danger.

Plastic ammunition on approach

The question remains how he would personally deal with the Wolf. He also does not want to release the wolf for firing, but rather to bother him with plastic munitions as soon as they approach a herd of sheep or human settlements. As a habitat, he would grant them the forest. Because wolves pass on their knowledge to the next generation. The worst thing that could happen would be the wolf as a cultural follower. The current procedure, to let the wolf free, create so massive problems, so he will soon be released for shooting.

erschoßener Wolf

My comment:

The shepherd did not tell us if his heart breaks too, as soon as he sees the bloodbath when his sheep are slaughtered in the slaughterhouse.

What he has not told us is: how many sheep are torn each year by wolves, and how many billions of sheep are brutally slaughtered from human hand?
The wolves are carnivores trying to survive.
The humans destroy the life of the”useful” animals to enjoy their meat.
No! Until now, very few sheep flocks have been attacked by wolves in Germany.
Nevertheless, it is still debated whether this highly intelligent animal must be released for firing.
Nevertheless, it is still debated whether this highly intelligent animal must be released for firing.
With lies, with “broken hearts” and with systematic dirty propaganda, hunters and pet traders try to maximize their profits.
Because another relationship to their animals, except those of exploitation for money, have never had the cattle dealers!

My best regards to all, Venus


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