Day: September 5, 2018

France: we honor your courageous activists!


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Militant vegan attacked butchery again in France !

I will not translate the whole article of an unsuspecting and lobbyist journalist.
A journalist, who has no idea about anti-speciesism and animal rights activism.
I will attach only a few passages from this ridiculous article that proves, that the dominant moral structure of this society is created by the dirty and racist propaganda of the press.


In the land of the Savoir-vivre, a new culinary battle of the culinary kind is on fire. Épinay-sur-Orge really is not what you would call the navel of the world. Now the faceless Parisian suburb has suddenly fallen into the national headlines.

More specifically, its butchery: Last weekend, at four o’clock in the morning, it was attacked by half a dozen hoodlum people. They threw stones into the shop window and sprayed in yellow paint: “Stop spécisme” – Stop the speciesism.


The graffiti leaves no doubt that the vandalistic acts are attributable to radical vegans (!!!). They describe themselves as “antispeciesists”, that means: as fighters against the discrimination of individual species (species) by the flesh-eating people (!!!) –

The first attacks were launched in Northern France in 2017. The targets were not only meat but also fish shops and restaurants, which mainly offer meat dishes. In Lyon, even a dairy was smeared, with a graffiti read: “Milk is rape”!

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These actions did not gain much understanding among the French. French cuisine is rich in meat; This is evidenced by dishes such as filet mignon, cordon bleu and Lyon sausage, but also lamb gypsy (club), rabbit terrine or goose liver. These delicacies are an integral part of French gastronomy – and thus of national pride.


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The anti-speciesists are unlikely to be very numerous. Their sympathizers, however, point out that France has had a pronounced culture of conflict since the revolution of 1789; if you want to achieve something, you can only reach the goal with spectacular methods. –


The attacked butchery in Épinay -sur-Orge offers what the anti-speciesists probably did not know vegan steaks. “Everyone should be able to eat what they want,” said their boss Cédric Neveu. On the first opening day after the attack, more customers than usual came into his shop – to buy in solidarity with the butcher especially many meat products.


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My best regards to all, Venus