Day: September 15, 2018

Negligent homicide of 500 slaves.


GermanyPainful death


Hundreds of pigs suffocate because ventilation in stable failed!!
Käßlitz (District of Thuringia) : pig breeding dies of carbon monoxide gases in stable, nobody switches emergency generator!



Hundreds of pigs had to die a slow and painful death in the district Hildburghausen (Thuringia, Germany), because nobody noticed the failure of the ventilation system.

This is reported by theFree Word”. For months, the inhabitants of the village complained about the stench that came from the two pigsties on the outskirts, but so far nothing has changed.

Schwein in Zelle_n

Now it came to the tragic incident. Due to a power failure, the ventilation in the stables had failed. But no one cared that the emergency generator was turned on.

Explanation: Due to the power failure, the telephone system was not and there was no alarm.
Nobody noticed in what predicament the animals were.

In the end, most of them had to pay with their deaths because the gasses that accumulated in the barn stank the pigs of their own smells.

Update 14:40

Now it is clear that in the accident about 500 pigs have died. A veterinarian had seen the dead animals taken out of the barn with a wheel loader and reported the case. He now wanted to file a criminal complaint. The veterinary authority is currently determining how it could come to the disaster.

PETA has filed a criminal complaint:
“Although the whole village has lost the electric current, none of the staff has been informed” says Christian Arleth (Lawyer -PETA)

And I mean: Can anyone imagine that 500 people in the middle of a residential area can die helplessly due to poisoning?
What I can not imagine is that the police, fire brigades, doctors and all sorts of helpers did not do everything to prevent this death.

Who, as a witness in such a situation, does nothing, is punished for failure to help in an emergency situation. This only applies to human animals.
People have rights and are protected by them.
Animals have no rights. Nowhere!
And as long as humans do not recognize the animals as right bearers, as long as humans deny the animals their own rights, they will be treated by humans as subjects, as slaves whose death means no serious consequences for their owners and exploiters.

My best r egards to all, Venus