Day: September 20, 2018

China: Terrified Badgers Bludgeoned For Paint, Shaving and Make Up Brushes.

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Driven Insane in Cramped Cages

Badgers are extremely social animals who naturally construct sophisticated underground burrow systems called setts, some of which stay in the family for generations. And they even have separate rooms for sleeping and giving birth as well as designated “bathroom” areas.

But on badger-hair farms, they can’t dig, forage for food, choose mates, or do anything fulfilling. As a result of the constant deprivation, many to go insane—continually pacing back and forth and spinning in circles inside their cages.


Bashed in the Head and Left Bleeding

Workers killed the badgers by bashing them in the head with whatever object was handy.

One was hit in the head with a chair leg. And because he was too scared to leave his cage, workers hit him again, causing him to fall onto the floor, where they cut his throat and left him to bleed out in excruciating pain—just like all the other badgers who were killed before him.

One badger was still moving for a full minute after his throat was cut. There is no excuse for this.


Is There Cruelty in Your Makeup Bag?

Here’s the deal: If you buy animal-hair brushes, there’s no way to know who was killed for them.

Many brushes made from animals are manufactured in developing countries where there are few animal-welfare regulations or none at all, such as in China. And no matter what country your brush came from, if it’s made from animal hair then it always comes from someone who suffered miserably for their entire life before they were violently killed … just for a brush.

PETA Asia eyewitnesses also found that brush factories exploit humans, too: One eyewitness was told that factories pay workers as little as US$4 for an eight-hour workday—far below even the local minimum wage, which is already extremely low: US$2.50 per hour, or US$20 per day.


USA: Update – Progress – US House Votes to Ban Dog And Cat Meat.


Regarding our recent post on dog and cat meat in the United States – SOME POSITIVE NEWS – Thanks to all who supported this amendment:

 PROGRESS: US House Votes to Ban Dog And Cat Meat


PROGRESS: US House Votes to Ban Dog And Cat Meat

In a huge step forward in the fight to ban the consumption of dog and cat meat in the US, the House of Representatives passed the Dog and Cat Meat Trade Prohibition Act 2018  (H.R. 6720) in a voice vote this week.

The bill — sponsored by Republican Rep. Vern Buchanan and Democratic Rep. Alcee Hastings —  bans the slaughter, transport, possession, and trade of dogs and cats for human consumption. It also outlaws the trade of dog and cat meat between states and internationally, with a maximum fine of $5000. Currently, only six states have regulations banning dog and cat meat.

“As the House of Representatives also calls for the end of the dog and cat meat trade globally, it is important to that we hold ourselves to the same standards we wish to see in others,” said a statement released by Alcee Hastings following the bill’s success. “ H.R.6720 makes that commitment, and I urge the Senate to take up this important bill without delay.”

The next step is for the bill to pass through Senate and be enacted by the president.

“More than half the households in America have a dog or cat as part of their family,” Congressman Vern Buchanan said. “We should send a clear message that slaughtering these beloved animals for food is unacceptable and will be punished.”

A further resolution was passed in which the House calls upon numerous countries, such as China, South Korea, Indonesia and more, to join the US in banning the dog and cat meat trade. The dog meat industry in these countries is horrific, with tens of millions of animals brutally slaughtered every year.

“There is no place in our compassionate society for these practices,” said Congresswoman Claudia Tenney. “This bill is a reflection of America’s values, and sends a strong message to all nations that we will not stand for this inhumane and cruel treatment.”

If you haven’t done so already, sign Lady Freethinker’s petition in support of this bill, ensuring that the Senate supports this important step for animal welfare.