Day: September 9, 2018

EU-Commission: stop lying the people!


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“The Commission is not the solution to the problem, but that is the problem itself … these are desk offenders and agents of the exporters, the meat mafia and these animal exploiters and animal abusers who allow it!” (MEP Stefan Eck)

On 06.09.2018 a conference on live animal transport took place in the European Parliament, organized by the Greens / EFA group. According to the representative of the EU Commission, MEP Stefan Bernhard Eck gave a fire speech, that will be talked about for some time!!.
He angrily called on the Commission’s representative to stop lying to people and concluded his speech with a “declaration of war” to the Commission, European Agriculture Ministers and animal transporters.
“All those involved must be taken care of, because soon other strings will be raised!”
MEP Stefan Eck after the meeting: “The time for negotiation is finally over! We will no longer tolerate this legalized animal cruelty and I will keep my promises! “


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