EU-Commission: stop lying the people!


EU- Flagge


“The Commission is not the solution to the problem, but that is the problem itself … these are desk offenders and agents of the exporters, the meat mafia and these animal exploiters and animal abusers who allow it!” (MEP Stefan Eck)

On 06.09.2018 a conference on live animal transport took place in the European Parliament, organized by the Greens / EFA group. According to the representative of the EU Commission, MEP Stefan Bernhard Eck gave a fire speech, that will be talked about for some time!!.
He angrily called on the Commission’s representative to stop lying to people and concluded his speech with a “declaration of war” to the Commission, European Agriculture Ministers and animal transporters.
“All those involved must be taken care of, because soon other strings will be raised!”
MEP Stefan Eck after the meeting: “The time for negotiation is finally over! We will no longer tolerate this legalized animal cruelty and I will keep my promises! “


EU-Flagge verbrennen

I would like to strengthen this true and excellent criticism of MEP Stefan Eck, with the following, very nice comment from

“According to a recent survey in France, the approval ratings for the EU reach a new low”

In addition to Germany, France was still a safe bank for a unanimous commitment to “more Europe”.
However, the current large topic survey of Le Monde reveals a change.

The Paris-based daily Le Monde has published the results of its annual large survey on the mood in the French population this week. The multi-topic survey was conducted by the Institut Sciences-Po and the Jean Jaurès Association. Le Monde presented the results under the title “The French cracks”.

Almost every second worker considers the EU “bad for France”!

According to research conducted at the end of June 2018, only 53 percent of French people still consider EU affiliation to be a “good” or “very good thing”, compared with 58 percent in June 2017. Nearly a third of respondents (31 percent) rate this affiliation as “bad” or “very bad”. Among the workers, there is even one in two, which is also consistent with the social polarization that is regularly observed at the polls: in the most underprivileged groups of the population, the EU is the most rejected.

What is strange about this study, though:
It drastically contradicts other recently published European polls, especially the “Eurobarometer” regularly ordered by the European Commission. On this basis, the enthusiasm of the EU’s supporters was unanimous: the so-called EU citizens in all Member States have recently rediscovered their love for this!!

I can only say: The EU Commissioners are not only professional fraudsters.

They are also professional liars!

My best regards, Venus (with Video)

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