EU: How It Is ‘Enhancing Knowledge’ on Animal Welfare – or is that ‘Dismissing’ ? – EU Meat Mafia Or What !

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Here we go again – the EU piling out all the words on how wonderful they are; whist the reality is they do little. 

So ‘It focuses on enhancing knowledge among the many key agencies, organisations and individuals who are involved in the process’.  For the last 13 years we (an organisation ?) have supplied endless information – text and photographs to the EU informing them that Serbia; a ‘candidate country’ for EU membership; has not been applying its own national laws – ‘the rule of law’; with regard them enforcement of existing national legislation for the welfare of animals.

EoA June 2

bernard van goethem

See a summary of what we have been saying; and our arguments at


Our evidence to the EU:  Serbia – the dog who’s eyes cried pus.

The result ? – the EU has never once been in contact with us re the issue of Serbian animal welfare.

Does the very recent post by Venus – not really sum up the situation –

“The new state minister of economic affairs, Julia Klöckner, makes a good impression at the farmer’s day. Because there, she demands something that many farmers have been longing for: animal rights activists, who secretly film in stables at night, should be punished harder.”

“By law, she wants to penalize the entry into stables. Finally, it is the duty of the veterinarians to ensure animal welfare compliance: But how well does veterinary monitoring work? How consistently are animal abusers punished in agriculture?”

“2015. Although the investigation is still ongoing, these recordings show again animals in too narrow crates, injuries.

In 2017 and 2018, Greenpeace will release these images from the plant. Refunds Advertisement, because of too narrow crates. Again, it is being investigated.

But the procedure, according to the criminal complaint of Greenpeace, has been discontinued”.

Sounds rather pathetic does it not ? – and this is Germany, the powerhouse of the EU.  So what chance of enforcement in Romania, Lithuania; Greece; Spain – and other EU member states.

The reality – Weasel words and documents from the EU that mean nothing.

Another reality – we can say with almost certainty that within the next few years Serbia will be welcomed into the EU club regardless of its application of the rule of law with its own, existing national legislation.  With the UK walking out of the EU because i8t is bummed off with its dappy legislation; the EU is fishing for new member states to come along into the ‘believe all is well with us’ club.  The EU has to show that it rules Europe come what may; enforcement of its own legislation; the rule of law; or not.

Animal rights activists being prosecuted for obtaining images and information of animal cruelty and suffering in member states; is this not an EU ‘Ag Gag’ pathway that we have witnessed over recent years in the USA ? – protect those who abuse whilst hitting the man who obtains the evidence of the cruelty ?

Something is wrong; very wrong; but as Venus says in her post; we have a stable and meat mafia teamwork; and they must not be shown to be doing anything wrongly or incorrectly.

The EU has always been known for its lack of enforcement of animal welfare offences.  And so will it continue. The mafia must remain at the helm whilst the evidence gatherers are hung from the nearest river crossing bridge.

And so it continues – the supply of evidence simply ignored by the EU – do not disrupt the mafia system that we have going and which we enforce for the EU abusers.

“Enhancing knowledge ?” .  Quite the opposite – keeping the abuses hidden from sight.  Knowledge is a dangerous thing you know.

And the EU certainly knows how to keep it safely away from the common EU man and woman.

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