Day: September 25, 2018

USA: Legal Complaint May Force Airlines To Ship Primates To Labs; Even If They Have Stopped Now. Take Action.





For years, nearly every commercial airline has refused to fly monkeys and other animals to laboratories, where they would face torment and death.

Now, a trade group representing animal experimenters that defends all experiments on animals, no matter how cruel, has filed a legal complaint with the U.S. Department of Transportation to force airlines to transport monkeys to laboratories.

If they’re successful, airlines will be legally compelled to ship tens of thousands of monkeys from China and other countries to U.S laboratories where they’d be caged alone, poisoned, cut into, kept thirsty to coerce them to obey, and eventually killed.


Please take action right now by leaving polite comments stating that you want airlines to be able to make their own policy decisions and that monkeys should never be torn from their families, shoved into tiny wooden boxes, stuffed into the dark and terrifying cargo holds of commercial airplanes, and flown thousands of miles to certain suffering and death in laboratories

USA: Breaking – Yellowstone Grizzly Bears Have Protection Restored – Trophy Hunts In Wyoming and Idaho Now Crushed. Great News.


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Hi Mark,

I’m thrilled to deliver this news: Just minutes ago a federal judge ruled in our favor to restore protection to Yellowstone grizzly bears.

That means that the trophy hunts planned for Wyoming and Idaho, set to begin this fall, cannot move ahead.

It’s a massive win for wildlife, and I’m so proud that the Center — and you — helped make it happen. Thank you for supporting this incredible fight.

There’s been so much at stake in this campaign. Wyoming and Idaho wanted to let more than 20 Yellowstone grizzlies be gunned down by trophy hunters if they left the protective confines of the national park. More than half of them could’ve been female bears.

But the future of Yellowstone grizzlies was also hanging in the balance. The Trump administration removed Endangered Species Act protection from these bears in the summer of 2017. We knew it was premature and that the bears have yet to fully recover. So we sued — and we’re glad the judge saw it that way too.

This fight likely isn’t over. We fully expect the Trump administration to appeal this decision, and we’ll be ready. This is exactly why we set up the Predator Defense Fund, and we’re grateful for every ounce of support we get.

I hope you’ll join us in celebrating this victory today. We’ll rest easier knowing Yellowstone’s bears won’t be gunned down anytime soon.

But I hope you’ll also stay with us for the long haul. These are difficult, time-consuming battles that we have to win. We know the enemies of bears and other wildlife won’t slow down. And neither will we.

Thanks again for your continued support.

For the bears,

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

P.S. The best way to help us fight for bears and other wildlife is to become a sustaining member.

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Romania: 291 Cats and Dogs Sterilised Free Of ChargeTo Reduce Animal Stray Population. Serbia ? – Take Note.




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German –  291 Tiere wurden bei einer Kampagne in Mioveni sterilisiert

Um die Situation der Streunertiere, die durch Besitzertiere verursacht wird, in angemessener Weise zu lösen, ist die korrekte Information über den Vorteil von Sterilisation und die gesetzlichen Vorschriften sehr wichtig. Information über verantwortliche Sterilisation ist der Anfang für erfolgreiche Kastration, der dann als Nächstes mit kostenlosen Sterilisations-Programmen  erweitert werden muss, da die finanziellen Möglichkeiten von den Besitzern sehr beschränkt sind, besonders in ländlichen Gegenden.

Die Stadtverwaltung von Mioveni hat das alles sehr gut verstanden, und SEdC Mioveni öffnete die Türen für die Ausführung eines Sterilisations-Programms, das die Adoption von Shelter-Hunden ermöglicht und bessere Lebensbedingungen für die 400 Hunde, die momentan in dem Shelter leben, gewährleistet.

In Zusammenarbeit mit der Stadtverwaltung von Mioveni organisierten wir vom 3. bis zum 8. September die erste kostenlose Sterilisierungs-Kampagne in Miovenis öffentlichem Shelter. Im Ganzen wurden 291 Tiere kastriert, 124 Hunde aus dem öffentlichen Shelter und 167 Hunde und Katzen mit privaten Besitzern.

Die Sterilisations-Aktion wurde finanziell von „Helft Handeln“ aus Deutschland unterstützt, der NGO, mit der wir schon seit mehreren Jahren den Tieren in Rumänien und ihren Besitzern geholfen haben. Zusammen mit der österreichischen „Salzburger Initiative 50+“, die auch stark an Sterisierungs-Projekten beteiligt ist, werden wir weiterhin bei dem öffentlichen Shelter in Mioveni tätig sein. „Helft Handeln“ war nicht nur finanziell, sondern auch persönlich an den Shelter-Aktionen beteiligt und organisierte den Transport von Tieren, deren Besitzer keine Möglichkeit hatten, zum Ort der Sterilisations-Kampagne zu kommen.


In einem öffentlichen Shelter muss Vieles neben der Sterilisation unternommen werden. Deswegen wurden Hunde mit medizinischen Problemen behandelt und operiert, und Welpen wurden entwurmt und geimpft.

SEdC Mioveni gewährleistete eine vorbildliche Zusammenarbeit nicht nur durch die Teamarbeit mit uns, sondern auch wegen der prompten Einführung von Verbesserungen für die Lage der Hunde im Asyl, die wir mit ihnen besprochen hatten.

Ausserdem haben die Stadtverwaltung und SEdC von Mioveni mit einer Aktion begonnen: „Das Shelter ist kein Zuhause“. In Zusammenarbeit mit National Federation for Animal Protection (FNPA) werden die Stadtbehörden ihren ersten  „Adoptions-Tag“ in einem Park vor dem öffentlichen Shelter durchführen, bei dem auch kreative Unterhaltung für Kinder angeboten wird. Wir bitten Alle, die sich ein Haustier anschaffen wollen, zu adoptieren und nicht zu kaufen! Die Dankbarkeit und Erfüllung, die durch eine Adoption gewährt wird, kann niemals bei einem Verkäufer gefunden werden.



National Federation for Animal Protection (FNPA)




291 animals neutered during the campaign organized in Mioveni


Appropriate information on the benefits of animal sterilization and the requirements of the law is paramount in solving the situation of stray animals that is generated by the owned animals. Information in responsible way is the basis, the start, in sterilization programs, and then supplemented with free sterilization programs because the financial possibilities of the owners, especially those from rural areas, are very low.

All these have been understood by the Mioveni City Hall and the SEdC Mioveni that have opened their doors to the implementation of a sterilization program, promoting the adoptions of shelter dogs, collaborating in order to provide better conditions for the 400 dogs that is currently in shelter.


Within the partnership that we will develop with the Mioveni City Hall, we organized the first free sterilization campaign in the public shelter of the Mioveni City Hall, on 3-8 September. 291 animals -124 dogs from the public shelter, and 167 dogs and cats with owner were sterilized by our collaborator vets.

The campaign for sterilization was financially supported by “Helft Handeln”, from Germany, the organization with whom we have been working for several years in support of animals in Romania and their owners and who. Together with Salzburger Initiative 50+ from Austria, also deep involved in sterilisation campaign, will be constantly involved in the Mioveni public shelter. “Helft Handeln” has not only been involved financially but also practically through effective participation in shelter actions as well as by ensuring the transport of animals of the owners who did not have transport facilities, to the site, for sterilization.

A public shelter involves many requirements, which is why our activity in the shelter during the campaign was not just sterilization, but also the treatment and operation of dogs with medical problems, deworming and vaccination of puppies.


SEdC Mioveni has proved an exemplary collaboration not only through team work we have done, but also through the quick start of some of the works we have discussed in order to improve the conditions of dog shelter.

Moreover, Mioveni City Hall and SEdC have launched the campaign “The shelter is not home”. Within this campaign, in partnership with National Federation for Animal Protection (FNPA), the local authorities  organize the first “adoption day”, in a park, outside the public shelter Mioveni, as well as creative themes for children. We urge anyone who wants a pet, to adopt and not buy! Gratitude and the satisfaction of adopting an animal from a shelter are feelings which can not be found in any trader’s location.



National Federation for Animal Protection (FNPA)

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