USA: Legal Complaint May Force Airlines To Ship Primates To Labs; Even If They Have Stopped Now. Take Action.





For years, nearly every commercial airline has refused to fly monkeys and other animals to laboratories, where they would face torment and death.

Now, a trade group representing animal experimenters that defends all experiments on animals, no matter how cruel, has filed a legal complaint with the U.S. Department of Transportation to force airlines to transport monkeys to laboratories.

If they’re successful, airlines will be legally compelled to ship tens of thousands of monkeys from China and other countries to U.S laboratories where they’d be caged alone, poisoned, cut into, kept thirsty to coerce them to obey, and eventually killed.


Please take action right now by leaving polite comments stating that you want airlines to be able to make their own policy decisions and that monkeys should never be torn from their families, shoved into tiny wooden boxes, stuffed into the dark and terrifying cargo holds of commercial airplanes, and flown thousands of miles to certain suffering and death in laboratories

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