USA: Breaking – Yellowstone Grizzly Bears Have Protection Restored – Trophy Hunts In Wyoming and Idaho Now Crushed. Great News.


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Hi Mark,

I’m thrilled to deliver this news: Just minutes ago a federal judge ruled in our favor to restore protection to Yellowstone grizzly bears.

That means that the trophy hunts planned for Wyoming and Idaho, set to begin this fall, cannot move ahead.

It’s a massive win for wildlife, and I’m so proud that the Center — and you — helped make it happen. Thank you for supporting this incredible fight.

There’s been so much at stake in this campaign. Wyoming and Idaho wanted to let more than 20 Yellowstone grizzlies be gunned down by trophy hunters if they left the protective confines of the national park. More than half of them could’ve been female bears.

But the future of Yellowstone grizzlies was also hanging in the balance. The Trump administration removed Endangered Species Act protection from these bears in the summer of 2017. We knew it was premature and that the bears have yet to fully recover. So we sued — and we’re glad the judge saw it that way too.

This fight likely isn’t over. We fully expect the Trump administration to appeal this decision, and we’ll be ready. This is exactly why we set up the Predator Defense Fund, and we’re grateful for every ounce of support we get.

I hope you’ll join us in celebrating this victory today. We’ll rest easier knowing Yellowstone’s bears won’t be gunned down anytime soon.

But I hope you’ll also stay with us for the long haul. These are difficult, time-consuming battles that we have to win. We know the enemies of bears and other wildlife won’t slow down. And neither will we.

Thanks again for your continued support.

For the bears,

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity

P.S. The best way to help us fight for bears and other wildlife is to become a sustaining member.

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