Viet Nam: She’s Coming Home. Another Bear Rescue. Read On ………………

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sept coming home AA moon bear

Dear Mark,

A few days ago, we were alerted to the plight of a lonely little moon bear.
Today, we’re going to get her out of this terrible place, thanks to you.

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Captured as a just a baby, Sky grew up all alone in this cage. Farmed for her gall bladder bile for the past 13 years.

Stabbed with long needles.

Nowhere soft to lay her head.

Not a friend in the world…

This is no life.

It is unlikely that Sky has ever seen a vet in her life. We don’t yet know what damage years of confinement, malnutrition, and cruel bile farming has caused.

Will you help save and care for little Sky, Mark?
Please, donate now >>

All her life, she has been mere hours away from our beautiful Tam Dao Bear Sanctuary in Vietnam. To know she has been so close all this time. Suffering out of sight. It’s truly heartbreaking.

Stolen from the wild and crammed into a cage as a tiny cub, this is the only life gentle Sky can remember.

But today, 13 long and lonely years will come to an end for Sky… all thanks to the power of your love and support. Thank you!

With the warmest bear hugs for your generosity and compassion,

Jill Robinson,
Founder and CEO, Animals Asia

PS You can be with Sky every step of the way by following LIVE updates of the rescue on our Facebook page, including updates on her condition, her first sweet slurp of strawberry sauce, and the special moment she arrives at her forever home. A place filled with all the love and kindness she’s been waiting for all her life. Thank you!

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