Death in the air




German chickens are an export hit: Every year hundreds of thousands of chicks are transported by plane around the world. This shows the response of the Federal Government to a request from the Greens. How many animals are dying, the Ministry of Agriculture does not know – in the Netherlands recently 19,000 chicks frozen in the cargo hold.tote-kueken-in-einer-transportbox-gefunden-jpegDead chicks in a transport box – found at the airport Amsterdam. Photo: NVWA

According to the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Germany exported 1.77 million animals by air last year. Almost a third of them were flown to Russia, 217,000 to Pakistan and 156,000 to Uzbekistan. In 2016, there were a total of more than 4 million chickens chickens who went on a plane trip. The significant decline in exports is related to the avian influenza outbreak here. Many third countries would then have prohibited imports from Germany.

Green find practice absurd

The export by air plays an important role in the business of so-called breeding and reproductive chicks, said a spokeswoman for the Association of Poultry Economics
The animals are used to build herds elsewhere, and are quite valuable.
Legally prescribed transport times for the chicks are often only to be observed for air transports, the association said. An important transport center is Frankfurt Airport, which specializes in the handling of live animals.

Fracht mit kücken
Green Parliament’s deputy Friedrich Ostendorff called it “absurd, newly hatched chicks to fly halfway around the world.” That does not fit his image of animal-friendly agriculture. He pointed out that in case of delays the supply of the animals was hardly guaranteed. “In the worst case, this leads to the death of thousands of animals,” said Ostendorff.

tote Kückeni.jpg

Dead chicks in Amsterdam
How many chicks die in such transports, the poultry Association could not say. The Federal Government could call on the Green request no numbers. In 2013, the fire of a plane at Leipzig Airport killed tens of thousands of chicks, which are supposed to be exported to the Caucasus. The crew was able to save themselves from the flames.

In the Netherlands, too, a chick transport recently hit the headlines: At Amsterdam Airport, veterinarians discovered 19,000 dead turkey chicks in December, who were actually en route from Canada to Poland. The animals had allegedly died of hypothermia in the air.

The Netherlands are significantly more active in chick-air transport than Germany. In 2017, nearly 600,000 day old chicks were imported into the EU via the Netherlands. Target countries were often Austria and Poland. Meanwhile, 23 million turkey and chicken chicks left the Netherlands for the onward journey by plane.

My comment: The Green politician Ostendorff has said: “In the worst case, these leads to the death of thousands of animals”.
Does he really believe, that such a thing interests the meat and transport mafia?

If these professional killer had an interest in the lives of the animals, they would not do that job.
Therefore, if a few thousand “products” break down, then the company gets compensation.

 Such “losses” are part of the job risk, and immediately try to repair the damage. With new animals, with new victim

But on the other hand, the responsibility is not only and not fully due to the meat ma.

All who eat these victims finance the business.
We order, they kill.
Because for an apathetic majority taste is more important than life.
He who does not act morally has failed!


My best regards, Venus


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