Love Dogs ? – Then SAV Facebook Is For You. News, Videos and The Need for Forever Homes.


indoor dog

Love dogs especially ? – and naturally cats; then please visit our SAV Facebook site by clicking on the following link:


This site is on going and deals daily with shelters and animal issues in the Balkans.  It provides the service of allowing some 1,300 members to post appeals and issues that are daily related to them.  If you wish to find out more about these brilliant Serbian shelters and the wonderful animals and people which are living and working in them; then please visit this site.

If you love dogs then you will love this site and all the information that is here.

This site is constantly updated every day by members of the group and it is an ongoing site.  There are many animals seeking adoption and forever homes.

Apply to be a member if you wish and join up hundreds of other brilliant animal welfare people and be able to add your views and comments to this forever growing family.

Regards Mark


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