The hunt is unjustifiable!


österreichische Flagge

Basically, there is no need for specialist or detailed knowledge to realize that there is no justification for the hunt:

Given the environmental damage that PEOPLE cause – car traffic, climate change, marine pollution! – it is downright obscene to point your finger at the ANIMALS!

Also, the ecological balance in the habitat of animals has destroyed the HUMAN, which is why it is highly inconsistent and unfair to clean up this human-caused imbalance on the backs of ANIMALS!Nowhere in the civilized world do we solve problems by shooting. In the computer age and after we were on the moon, humane and smarter solutions should be found!

And: It does not take a deeply psychologically sharpened look to realize that hunters are NOT concerned with the ecological balance!



(Translation: Venus, with best regards!)

Author: Helmut F. Kaplan, Austrian ethicist and philosopher.

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