Designer babies and beautiful, new world!





In China, embryos were born by Crispr resistant to HIV. Based on the current case, you see that all the media publish a message without even checking the facts. The message should not have been published according to Chinese media. In the face of many doubts, the official Chinese news agency Xinhua reported that the National Health Commission has ordered the immediate “investigation”. Many scientists warn against a Pandora’s box, but as early as 2011, the first genetically modified baby saw the light of day and triggered a debate on ethics.


In 2011, the first child with three DNA strands was born in England.

Britain is the first country in the world that allows human embryonic gene manipulation.  This manipulation of the genes outraged physicians, ethicists and politicians worldwide. The process is a pure experiment and no one can say whether the children would suffer any later health damage from their conception. There was talk of a “nightmare” and the “beginning of human breeding”. Once again in 2014, the first genetically engineered people saw the light of day. Now again worldwide outrage and again a debate on ethics that succeeded in China, the creation of genetically modified designer babies.

And maybe it’s 2019: First genetically modified human got first genetically modified designer baby, that’s not impossible!


That research knows no bounds is not new, and instead of creating global guidelines, one is only outraged and continues to do research.

In China, embryos were made resistant to HIV with the Crispr tool (“Clustered regular interspaced short palindromic repeats” = It is an enzyme used as a processing tool, allowing scientists to cut out parts of the genome) Such interventions are highly controversial.

Two Chinese girls, Lulu and Nana, were said to have been born healthy a few weeks ago. But China is not pleased, and due to the ethical controversy over this technology, the “People’s Network” of the Communist Party, the first to report “successful research”, has been removed. In addition, an extensive investigation has now been announced by the Chinese government. An American scientist said he had participated in the work in China, but this type of “manipulation of genes” is banned in the United States because the DNA changes could be transferred to future generations and other genes violated.

The case is not officially published yet.

It also can not be published because it has banned the Chinese government, as can be seen in the Chinese media today. But the world has yet another attraction!

Just like building a very powerful computer, the new CRISPR medical technology can change people by accurately and efficiently manipulating genes. DNA eliminates the defects of genetic diseases, strengthens the genes of high quality and creates a perfect baby. Would you like to order one?

An interesting perspective: Imagine that parents bring superbabies into the world with bones so strong that no surgical drill can penetrate them, and a heart that is less susceptible to disease. Then you find yourself in a world where a child has its DNA of three parents instead of two, a world in which a woman can have a child of her favorite actor by simply collecting some of her skin cells. Genetic engineering makes it possible. Some startle it and others encourage it.

Today there are no limits to research – and Frankenstein himself would never have thought for possible what is possible in research today!

My best regards, Venus


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