Who has a spider in his home, should be lucky!


save spider daypng

The fear of spiders is quite common. Most people disgust themselves and grab a vacuum cleaner or paper towel when they find one in their home. They must be killed immediately or disposed of, so that one can feel well again. And even those who are not afraid of the eight-legged, they do not want to have them in the house. Because cobwebs always look like a messy and not clean home.


The 14th of March is National “Save a Spider” Day, a day when arachnids everywhere relax and let their spinnerets down!! While spiders can be terrifying to some, they actually provide incredible services to humans and our ecosystem.
Spiders survive on insects like fleas, flies, and mosquitoes annually up to two kilograms of insects.

spinnen-nutzen-tMost people are afraid of the creepy-crawlies and kill the beast because they do not know how to help each other better. But one thing you should definitely know: The so threatening acting spider does not want you any harm. She is more afraid of you than you are of her and she is not poisonous at all.

  • Fans of Spyder roadsters, did you know that spiders extend their limbs using hydraulic pressure?
  • Spiders eat a lot of the insects whom people aren’t always so fond of, such as mosquitoes, flies, ants, and aphids.
  • Spider webs are similar in strength to nylon, but they’re much more elastic and less prone to breaking or losing their shape.
  • Spiders were used in some ancient artwork to symbolize patience.
  • One species of spider is actually vegetarian. (Spiders for the Ethical Treatment of Animals?)


If you really can not stand this spider at home, in your garage, or wherever, try to catch it and bring it out instead of killing it. She will be looking for a new place and both parties will be pleased with this outcome. We should better learn to live with these roommates rather than kill them, because in the end they are well-disposed to us … at least most of them!

And don`t forget:  spiders are usually harmless!
We are a much bigger danger to them than they are to us.

My best regards, Venus

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