China: this is how the leather mafia works



Do you know what is made of the by-product dog? Breeds like Great Dane, St. Bernard and Rottweiler are very popular in the production of fur and leather in China! These breeds are considered the most economical for the dog meat trade and their coat and skin are a byproduct of the dog meat trade! Millions of animals die cruelly for fashion and are even skinned alive!



It is known that there are no penalties for the mistreatment of animals in China. This video released by PETA shows what some people are capable of in this case. The dogs are brutally slain, slashed, gutted and skinned.

Even leather can come from dogs and cats, even though they are declared as leather by cow or lamb.
Leather is another byproduct of the dog meat industry.
The dogs are packed with hooks. Before the throat is slit, it will remove the skin. The skin is then hung to dry before tanning. On average, such a company creates 200 dogs every day. The leather is used to make gloves, belts and even bags.

Hunde-Pelz in Chinajpg

China is the number one import country when it comes to fur or leather. The reason is obvious: because of the lack of animal welfare laws, it is legal to keep and slaughter animals under unworthy conditions, which in turn saves costs and thus moves traders to buy. On the other hand, the offer is always tied to demand.


After a dog is killed and skinned, the coat is sold at wholesale prices to apparel factories.
A factory owner was quoted as saying, “If the garments are not sold within six months, send me an email and I can then make new labels that are mink.”

Did you know that there is currently no European labeling framework for leather goods other except footwear?
To date, leather is poorly protected in most parts of Europe. And if it comes from China, it is quite possible that you are wearing dog or cat skin. Mostly (and at best) the goods are labeled ‘Gaewolf’, Gae is Korean and means dog.

Believe it or not, UGG boots labeled “Made in China” and “Made in Vietnam” are real. For years, authentic UGG products have been made by Deckers Outdoor Corporation, which has factories in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, and the United States. If the label says the shoes are made in New Zealand or Australia, it should be a fake.


There are protests against these cruel machinations worldwide. And as long as fur, whether genuine or artificial fur is asked and worn, nothing will change.

My comment:  I have never seen so many people wearing fur collars in my city as in this winter. But in Germany there are no more fur farms, so I wondered, where did it come from?
Now I know ….

made in Chinan


There are many who think we just need to educate, inform, show the awful videos of the Dachau farms for fur, and we can convince the masses not to buy fur. We did that for years, we did it. Petitions, demos, undercover videos, reports on television and even conservative newspapers have been reporting on the cruel farms. Business is booming unchanged.

According to a study by the University of Ravensburg (Germany)  in 2017, a third of respondents said it was informed about the suffering of fur animals, but still wears fur because it is warm, natural and shick!!

The mass of 7 billion people we will not convince, and I don`t  think the demand for fur comes because of not knowing, because of missing information.

We should try to put more pressure on politicians and we have to create more cooperation with instances that come from “above” and determine the purchase decision, for example the fashion industry, campaigns with celebrities …etc..
As well as from “above” – and over one night– came the smoking ban in public rooms, restaurants, and workplaces. The tobacco industry immediately suffered then and still heavy losses, and it was perhaps stronger than the fur industry. After this ban, smoking generally fell sharply.

As long as the sale of fur is not prohibited by law or as long as the EU does not introduce a 200% luxury tax on fur import, the fur will continue to be sold …. Consumers never change … the laws have to change …

Best regards, Venus




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