USA: Expose of Pig Abuses at Texas ‘Bacon Bash’ – Take Action.




At the Bandera Bacon Bash in Texas, PETA eyewitnesses saw wild young pigs and piglets chased, tackled, dragged around an arena, stuffed into a sack, and terrorized for mere “entertainment.”

Take action –

The pigs were so scared that many tried to escape by digging under or leaping over barriers, crashing headfirst into metal fencing over and over again.

This cruel spectacle causes pigs extreme distress, pain, and suffering and sends children the harmful message that it’s “fun” to terrorize animals. Please, join PETA in calling on Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to issue an executive order shutting down this violent, inhumane, and dangerous event immediately.

Thank you for your compassion for animals.

Sincerely yours,

Melanie Johnson
Senior Campaign Coordinator
Animals in Entertainment

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