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The bountiful B vitamins

The B vitamins are a collection of eight, water-soluble vitamins essential for a range of important functions in the body. They help release energy from food and are essential for our immune and nervous systems. They are not stored in the body so we need to eat foods that contain them. Why are they so important and which foods contain them?
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Ham and egg on their faces! 

Recent headlines say ham and bacon sold in supermarkets ‘contain chemicals linked to cancer’, leaked report warns. What’s new? We’ve known this for donkey’s years!

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Healthy vegan hearts

An extensive analysis of studies spanning 50 years and numerous countries was undertaken in order to assess the impact of diet on heart disease risk factors. The diets compared were vegan and omnivorous (meat-eaters)…
What did the study find?

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Keep it animal free ! – Regards Mark.


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