The ridiculous worries of the EU MEPs


zerissene EU-Flagge am Stock

Meat must remain meat: vegetable burgers, sausages and Co. should be called differently in the future. If it goes after the EU, the naming should change radically.

Only a real steak should also be called steak, said the French Socialist MEP Éric Andrieu the Guardian newspaper. He believes that “we should find a new name for all the new products. There is a lot to do in this regard, it requires a lot of creativity.
First drafts stipulate that vegetarian and vegan burgers should be called “veggie discs” in the future.


My comment: Considering that an MEP has a base salary of 8,000 euros a month, plus 300 euros of daily allowance at meetings and 21,000 euros a month as an additional salary to anyone who helps him, and 4,000 euros a month for expenses available … then one understands why they work so” hard “and “creativ” and are worried about Veggie Burgers!

These lobby-champions are in fact – and only a few “activities” to mention – paid for:
-they have to make sure that animal transport is NOT limited
– they must ensure that piglets are NOT castrated with anesthetic
– they must ensure that animal transports to third countries are NOT abolished
– they must ensure that Wild animals are NOT banned in Germany’s circuses
– they must ensure that the extension of the legally required place for pigs from 0.75 to 1.50 square meters is NOT permitted
-they have to make sure that the chain connection in cows is NOT abolished …
-they have to make sure that England does NOT leave the EU, even though the people have decided to do so…and…and..

It’s a “hard work” this lobby work for meat mafia, milk mafia, industry mafia, hunter mafia… It must be done consistently against animals and animal rights activism, which the “creative” MEPs have done to date, proving that the EU is in reality nothing more than an extermination camp. For animals and humans.

My best regards to all, Venus



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