Norway: closes fur farms from 2025


Breeders fight back!
Norway wants to completely ban fur farming until 2025!




The owners of the farms are to be compensated for the closure. They accuse the government of a “historical betrayal” (!!!)

The Norwegian government wants to completely ban fur farming until 2025. This is what the draft law, which was presented on Wednesday in the parliament in Oslo. The owners of the farms should therefore be compensated for the closure. They accuse the government of a “historical betrayal”.

Pelztier am Bankjpg

Specifically, the law provides that the possession of animals should be prohibited if they are killed “for sale or other use of their coat”.
The government estimates that it will have to budget around 500 million kroner (52 million euros) in compensation. A spokesperson for the Norwegian Fur Breeders Association said the plan will “cause the breeders to go bankrupt”. The estimated sums are far too low.

The proposed ban is a direct result of government formation earlier this year. At that time, the small Liberal Party had joined the right-wing conservative coalition and had enforced this point.

According to the Association of Fur Breeders, around 500 people are currently employed in the industry throughout Norway. Together, they generate an annual turnover of about 31 million euros. Norway accounts for one percent of the world’s production of mink fur and between two and three percent of fox fur.


I read a very nice comment in the paper where the article came from:

“A first small step in the right direction !!!!The BREEDERS = ANIMALS TORMENTS, who are afraid of bankruptcy, should look after themselves honestly decent work themselves and accomplish something, without tormenting animals, and be glad that they are even compensated !!!
We are happy to do without  THIS INDUSTRY !!!!
Should actually succeed in 2020 !!! to close the farms.
What do you want to wait for ?????”

And I mean: This is a typical reaction of fur farmers, in the whole Europe: If the farmer can do something, that is to find reasons why HE is the victim.

When governments no longer cooperate with the Farm Inquisitors, they speak of betrayal.
Treachery to a business agreement that allows animals to be locked, tortured, forgiven and skined for years in wire cages. And if it is abolished, it is betrayal!!
One wonders how the 500 fur farmers in Norway would have called themselves if they had been locked in the cells for only a week and then left their thick skin as pocket leather in the gas chamber?

My best regards, Venus

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