India: April 2019 – The Latest Great Rescues From Animal Aid Unlimited – Donate if You Can.


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Dear Mark, 

Our most recent video includes a beautiful reunion of a puppy, almost blinded by maggots, with his whole family–several tail-waggers and a human neighbour who, you’ll see, all love the sweetheart we named Tinker

Sometimes people wish all our patients could live forever in Animal Aid. But not only are the number of street animals in India so vast that it’s only possible for us to keep a very select few in our sanctuary, but street animals in India often have caring friends. Many people leave food and clean water out for the dogs and passing cows, and many animals we rescue are–apart from their wounds or their illness–healthy. And they’re often psychologically healthy too–mentally agile in contrast to the dogs whose whole world is inside a house, whose only time outdoors is on a leash. Tinker’s problem was just awful, but with our rescue team ready to help in his time of need, he is back with his loving family. Your help made you part of his family too, in the gift of your understanding that we’re all in this world together. You relieve their pain, you share their burdens, and when they’re happy, you’re happy too.


Puppy nearly blinded rescued–watch til the end 

Tinker wasn’t even a month old when he emerged for the first time from his nest in the bushes and neighbors saw that his eyes were stuck together oozing pus and blood. To our horror we saw the signs of maggots. In the hot season, maggots can cause irreparable damage in even just one day. Watch the amazing rescue of this brave boy, and see his life light up again. Kindness can open up a world: Please donate today.

Whisper survived a terrible brain injury, but meet her now! 

Seeing this girl collapsed in a pool of blood, it was hard to believe she was even alive. Fluid bubbling out of her nose, her rescuers scooped her up and rushed her back to our hospital where we immediately began treating her for brain trauma. Her whimpering was heartbreaking, and it took days for her to begin eating on her own. Walking again took even longer. But patiently helping this sweetheart was easy because in her quiet way, her efforts were courageous. Meet Whisper today.


On the road to recovery, every step is precious. Please donate.

Lottie’s skin was red and raw; watch dying dog’s happiness after healing  

Hiding in terror, her hairless body bright red and raw from tearing at the inescapable itching that covered every inch of her, this brave spirit was close to death. As soon as she saw her rescuers, she darted away, and we chased her with full heart for an hour, because we knew if we didn’t manage to catch her, she would surely die. But we got her! and so began her 3 month long journey to health and the most

playful new chapter in her life.


Your gift can save someone lovely. Please donate. 


Celebrate the care-givers: Shankar


Our surgical team includes a surgeon of course, an anaesthesia nurse–and Shankar Rana who prepares dogs for surgery and monitors their vital signs post-op. He’s been with us for 8 years and can recognize if a dog scheduled for sterilization might be suddenly less energetic than normal and surgery should be postponed, or if a dog is slow to recover from anaesthesia. He sees animals’ whole auras. It’s easy to spot a wound that is healed or not; but is an animal feeling good? Is she feeling low? We know many animals who are alive today because Shankar spotted a problem early. That takes real talent, and we’re grateful to Shankar for using his talent with so much love.

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