Global: Next Week (17 – 23/6/19) is ‘World Meat Free Week’ – Have A Look And Try !

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Next week (17 – 23/6/19) is World Meat Free Week, so what better time to celebrate all the benefits of being plant-based?

From helping to combat climate breakdown to tackling global food shortages, and of course saving animals from suffering on factory farms, there are plenty of great reasons to try veg!

Our Love Veg website is packed with delicious recipes and expert tips to help you on your journey, whether you’re a seasoned vegan or you’ve just recently started trying more plant-based foods. Check it out below!

Plant-based products are on the rise. There’s now a wide range of meat alternatives available in all the major supermarkets and even more tasty veggie options are popping up on high street restaurant menus across the UK.

There really has never been an easier time to give veg a go!

Image result for meat free food dishes

Whether you’ll be choosing the veg option once, twice or every day this World Meat Free Week, thank you for helping to create a more compassionate world for farmed animals!

Kind regards,

Dr Toni Vernelli

Exec Director – Animal Equality


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Further links to other great sites with articles and scrummy recipe links:


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Image result for meat free food dishes


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