Japan: Petition – Embarrass Them – Make Coal Fired Power An Issue In Japan When It Hosts the G20 Very Soon.



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In less than three weeks, Japan will for the first time host the G20.

It’s a make or break moment for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. And there’s one topic he’s hoping doesn’t come up: coal.

Because Japan is one of the world’s largest public financiers of coal fired power plants. It is the only G7 country building coal power plants domestically and financing them overseas. 

There are forces within Prime Minister Abe’s own Government pushing for Japan to move away from coal. But without international pressure Abe won’t act.

Japanese activists have a plan to deliver tens of thousands of signatures from people across the world to Shinzo Abe right in the middle of the G20 when he’s trying to show his Government’s best face to the world.

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But our friends in Japan need your help.

Will you sign the petition to the Japanese Government to stop financing coal?

The world’s leading scientists have warned we have less than twelve years left to avoid climate catastrophe. 

Floods. Droughts. Bushfires and extreme weather events will all become more frequent unless we keep fossil fuels in the ground.

And it’s not just Japan’s public funding of coal that is fuelling the climate crisis. Japan’s three largest banks are the 1st, 2nd and 4th biggest lenders to coal projects in the world. 

12 years is a short window to head off climate catastrophe, but it is possible to do it if major economies like Japan switch from coal to clean renewable energy.

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If we can get Japan to stop financing coal it will be a seismic shift.  

Japan, Korea and China are the largest public financiers of overseas coal power. Once Japan ends its coal finance, Korea is expected to follow suit.

Add your voice and call on Shinzo Abe to reject coal and embrace clean energy!


Petition Link – please sign and crosspost:


Currently over 23,000 signatures – lets make it more ! WAV.


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More information:

Japan Needs to End Coal No Coal Japan, 5 June 2019
Why Japan finds coal hard to quit Nikkei Asian Review, 21 November 2018
Japan must exit coal Japan Times, 2 June 2019



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