Do You Remember the Spray Foam, Dumped In Garbage Kitten ? – Good News Update -Forever Home Found.


UPDATE: Kitten Cruelly Encased in Spray Foam Has Found a Forever Home


Update – you may remember that in May we published an article about a little kitten that had been covered in foam and dumped in the trash:


Well we have some good news that needs sharing:

A kitten who nearly died after being encased in spray foam and dumped in the garbage has not only made a full recovery, but also found his forever home.

A garbage collector from Washington County, Oregon, discovered the kitten — now named Lucky McFoamy — in a trash can during his rounds. Lucky could barely move as his little face and body were encased in hardened spray foam, yet he somehow managed to cry out and alert the worker to his presence.

After the Hillsboro Vet Clinic cleaned Lucky up and gave him a clean bill of health, he moved on to the Bonnie Hays Animal Shelter, run by Washington County Animal Services.

Now, Lucky is heading to his new home with delighted guardian Denise.

“Denise was one of the first people to see him when he was brought to a local vet clinic for emergency treatment, and she is elated to make him part of her family,” said the shelter in a Facebook update. “Denise tells us that Lucky will be an indoor cat and will have two other cats and a dog as companions.”

A Lady Freethinker petition urging local police to find the person responsible garnered more than 30,000 signatures. But despite efforts — and after determining the kitten was a stray — the culprit has not yet been found.

Thanks to the quick actions of a caring garbage collector, and the great veterinarians and shelter workers who cared for Lucky, this story has a heart-warming ending. We wish Lucky a long, healthy life with his new family, and urge police to keep looking for this innocent kitten’s attacker.



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