Petitions. Support When You Can – They DO Make A Difference.



I do understand that some supporters do feel that signing petitions do not have any real effect on an issue – in my early campaigning days I was on that boat myself.

But let me refer you to a post which I put on the site yesterday:

The result:

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office in Florida has arrested and charged the man who sadistically taped a dog’s mouth shut in February, nearly suffocating him to death.

A Lady Freethinker petition urging local police to track down and apprehend the perpetrator garnered more than 29,500 signatures. Thank you to everyone who signed for supporting the investigation which resulted in this arrest.


So, 29,500 good people signed the petition; it gave further support to Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno to enable him to continue with the case until the abuser was found and arrested. I think that this alone justifies the use of petitions wherever possible to take any specific issue further and to make authorities accept that they do have a responsibility to act when the people ask.

Electronic (on line) petitions now take seconds to complete; and I ask people to support them whenever possible to make what could be the difference.


So, saying that, I am giving another here which I would ask you to support. Details are:

Justice for Kitten Smothered in Spray Foam and Dumped in Trash

Posted by Carly Day

SIGN: Justice for Kitten Smothered in Spray Foam and Dumped in Trash

Image Credit: Washington County Sheriff’s Office


Petition 2

Petition Link


PETITION TARGET: Washington County Sheriff Pat Garrett

A cruel individual sprayed an eight-week-old kitten over the face and body with foam before heartlessly dumping the poor creature in a trash can in Washington County, Oregon.

A garbage collector discovered the terrified kitten as the worker did his rounds on May 3. When a trash can wouldn’t empty, he investigated, finding the cat hanging upside down from the back legs, covered in foam and unable to move. He knew the cat was still alive as he could hear pitiful cries.

Staff at the garbage disposal facility worked to remove the solidified foam before taking the cat to the Hillsboro Vet Clinic for further treatment. A vet at the clinic told FOX12 that the kitten’s entire head and face were covered with foam; if the cat had not been rescued, he would likely have suffocated.

This innocent kitten is lucky to be alive; whoever did this is clearly dangerous and needs to be caught before they hurt, and potentially kill, any more animals.

Sign this petition urging Washington County Sheriff Pat Garrett to use every resource to find the person responsible and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

Anyone with information about this crime is asked to contact Cpl. Brandon Talbott at the Washington County Sheriff’s Office on 503-846-2700.


This petition currently has over 21.000 names on it – lets make it more !

Thanks and regards


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