2/8/19 – Copy of the Letter From the EU ‘Do Nothing’ Commissioner to the ‘Animal Welfare Ignorant’ Romanian Minister.

For reference only.

Here below is a copy of the EU Commissioner (Andriukaitis) – pictured below; letter to the Romanian Agriculture Minister (and Minster of Rural Development of Romania) Mr Petre Daea on 10/7/19 asking him not to allow the shipment of 70,000 live sheep to the Middle East due to the extreme temperatures, (46 degrees) which we have reported in the last few days.



Above – The ‘do nothing Commissioner Andriukaitis

Below – the ‘animal welfare’ ignorant Romania Minister Petre Deae

Image result for Petre Daea romanian minister

In his letter the Commissioner continues to give examples of what sections of EU Regulation 1/2005 on the protection of animals during transport, would be breached by the approval of such a consignment.

In full EU Member State compliance with the demands of the senior Commission, Romania basically gave 2 fingers to the Commissioner and proceeded with the shipment anyway; as we have been reporting now for over 2 weeks.

Romania has ignored all the rules and regulations of the EU when it comes to transporting live animals; and yet we (as EU citizens) are supposed to vote for MEP’s and expect that the EU Parliament actually carries some ‘clout’ in Brussels with the Commissions.

This who saga of animal abuse to the extreme just shows that everything relating to the EU and animal welfare amounts to … NOTHING.


Above – results of their inactions


Here below is a copy of the ‘nothing’ letter from the Commissioner to the Romanian Ministry, a Commissioner who has since packed up and moved on to greener fields.  If only the same could be said for the Romanian sheep he has failed.

See https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/07/26/the-do-nothing-commissioner-says-goodbye/ for more.

Comm letter to Romania 1

Comm leter to Romania page 2

If the ‘masters’ of the EU ignore the very rules they are responsible for; then there really is only one answer:

uk eu exit



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