The “Do Nothing” commissioner says goodbye



At the Agriculture Ministers meeting in Brussels on 14.05.2019, Lithuanian Health Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis reminded Member States’ agriculture ministers to respect EU animal transport standards. This is especially true for the transport of animals at high temperatures.


The relevant EU regulation clearly states that the transport of animals at temperatures above 30 ° C should not be authorized. Nevertheless, there were cases in the past year in which the animals from 15 EU Member States, for example, were exposed to high temperatures during their transport across the border with Turkey.


Specifically, Andriukaitis also complained about a recent case in which he called on an EU minister of agriculture to prohibit such transport due to high temperatures.
Although the Health Commissioner did not mention the name of the Member State, in all likelihood he was referring to Romania.

So Andriukaitis had urged the Romanian Minister Petre Daea to prohibit the transport of about 70,000 sheep in Arab states due to high temperatures.

AL_SHUWAIKH another 4

The Bucharest minister had rejected this request from Brussels as unfounded.
The Lithuanian, meanwhile, announced that, while there was still no ground for infringement proceedings (!!!) his services were keeping a close watch on the transactions in question.

A representative of the Romanian delegation representing Agriculture Minister Daea in Brussels defended his country’s actions in the case of Midia. In his opinion, there must be a tolerance margin of 5 ° C to the upper temperature limit of 30 ° C. In addition, it should be remembered that the animals from the southern countries are better used to high temperatures than those from northern countries (!!!)

Therefore, the current regulations disadvantage the southern countries, which then have to fight with financial losses. Nevertheless, Romania also wants to improve conditions for the transport of animals by sea (!!!)

Andriukaitis, who will no longer be a member of the upcoming Commission for reasons of age, also advocated an amendment to the EU Animal Transport Ordinance

And we think…The bad news is that Andriukaitis does not want to initiate infringement proceedings against Romania.
As always, the priority is loyalty among business partners.

The good news is that he, who has never done anything for the animals, or has shown never any responsibility for our health, bids farewell to his post.

We wish him a good rest, although we know best of all that he does not deserve the rest, because he never did anything.
He becomes in the story as the “Do Nothing Commissioner”, a failure one the worst kind!

It was the one who said that “5G and glyphosate – both are safe for health”.
And it was the one who advocates the renewed approval of the herbicide glyphosate for another 10 years in the EU.

We hope that we will never meet him again.

My best regards to all, Venus


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