Update: 26/7/19 2000hrs GMT for Romanian Sheep Livestock Carrier ‘Al Shuwaikh’.

AL_SHUWAIKH another 4


Update: 26/7/19 2000hrs GMT.


The Al Shuwaikh may be trying to change its identity from that of ‘Livestock vessel’ to that of a ‘Cargo Vessel’.  To make tracking more difficult we ask ?

It is currently positioned in the Gulf of Aden, SE of the city of Aden.


Things we do know (but have inserted ‘x’ at some positions – we know full details):

The ETA for Kuwait has now changed from 2/8 to 3/8.

IMO – this is an International Maritime Organisation unique number – 850’xx’61 for this vessel.

MMSI – Maritime Mobile Service Identity – 447’xx’00’xx’ for this vessel.

Call Sign – a unique alphanumeric identity for the vessel – 9K’xx’ for this vessel.


Regardless of the (possible) identity change to try and confuse us, there are many ways of monitoring the constant position of this vessel; especially as we know the above. As we showed earlier; you can run but you cannot hide.




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