26/7/19: Romanian Sheep Carrier Vessel – Latest Position.

AL_SHUWAIKH another 2

Update: 26/7/19 0925hrs GMT.


The Al Shuwaikh has finally managed to leave the Red Sea,

It is currently in the Gulf of Aden, East of Khor Angar (Djibouti) sailing at 16.5 knots..


We are not sure this morning if the vessel is trying to stop us from tracking it by declaring itself as a ‘Cargo vessel’ rather than a ‘Livestock carrier’ – but we can and will track it regardless.

‘We have all the time in the world’.

‘You can run but you cannot hide’ !


“Its no good” – Depeche Mode.

Enjoy the music – some words are kind of appropriate – that’s why I publish.



As we said in the post fairly recently when the vessel was docked in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, all of the sheep (70,000 if that many had survived the heat) may have been offloaded and the ship may be returning to Kuwait empty now.

But we are using this vessel and the consignment as a ‘test piece’ example basically to check our tracking capability; and to let the exporters know that we can, and will continually publish data on their locations in the world.  In other words, we are watching them at all times.  See the above in Red.


We use only legal ways of tracking which is available to everyone if they know how to do it – there is nothing illegal about the system we use.


Regards Mark


We will not give up.

These days we realized that the carriers fear us more than the authorities.

We do not see this as a success for us, but as further evidence that the system and the implementation of animal welfare rules are not working.

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