Day: July 19, 2019

KFC To ‘Improve’ Chicken Welfare – By 2026 – Way, Way Too Long Away.

WAV Comment – 2026 is a long way off and gives years for animals to still be abused.  We welcome the news but KFC should have acted for these improvements much earlier than 2026.  Not Good Enough KFC – you remain on our list !



You helped improve the lives of millions of chickens! Your signature, along with the signatures of more than half a billion other chicken supporters on our KFC petition urging the fast food giant to give better lives to chickens is helping to bring change.

KFC has announced that they are signing the Better Chicken Commitment in six European countries: UK, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, and Belgium. This is the first major fast food outlet to commit to this set of standards which will change the lives of tens of millions of chickens.

What is the Better Chicken Commitment?
This commitment means that by 2026 all farms that supply KFC’s restaurants in the six European countries will move away from fast-growing breeds that suffer from painful heart, lung, and bone problems.


This also means that these chickens will have:

More space to move around
 More natural light
 More enrichment (such as straw bales to explore and peck)
 A better overall environment for them to behave naturally

Thank you for being a part of this huge win for chickens. We will continue to keep the pressure on KFC in the United States to bring similar commitment for chickens right here. Thank you again for being a part of this victory!

Ben Williamson
US Programs Director
World Animal Protection



Now, 2019:


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A typical KFC Factory Farm


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Thailand: Gorilla rolls around her squalid cage in frustration FOUR YEARS after she was supposed to be freed from Bangkok mall where she has been kept since 1992.


Zoo owner, Kanit Sermsirimongkol  said Bua Noi's sad look is just her 'natural facial expression'

A Gorilla pulls her hair out and rolls around her squalid cage in frustration FOUR YEARS after she was supposed to be freed from Bangkok mall where she has been kept since 1992

  • Pata Zoo, Thailand’s only rooftop zoo, was ordered to close in 2015 over a lack of appropriate paperwork
  • The gorilla, Bua Noi, 30, has never set foot outside the cage since her arrival at the zoo – 27 years ago
  • The indoor zoo is also home to orangutans, chimpanzees, leopards and reptiles


Read the full story, with video and photos at:




USA: Calves Separated From Their Mothers After 30 Minutes; Put Outdoors To Suffer and Die In Temperatures of -23 Degrees. If You Buy Dairy Products, Then This Cruelty Is Down to YOU.



Our latest investigation reveals how tiny newborn calves were left outside to suffer in freezing temperatures at a calf rearing farm in Nebraska, USA. 



We found vulnerable calves, aged between one day and five months old, confined in pens alone and freezing to death in temperatures that dropped to -24°C overnight.

Exposure to these extreme temperatures resulted in horrific injuries such as frozen limbs and some calves’ hooves separating from their legs. Those that died in agony had their bodies carelessly discarded in the snow.

Sick and injured calves languished for days without receiving medical treatment, with some even left to die in extreme pain surrounded by the bodies of those already dead.

The calf rearing farm is owned by Tuls Dairy, which supply Bel Brands USA – the producers of popular products such as Babybel, Boursin and The Laughing Cow.

Whether in America or the UK, cows are treated as nothing more than money-making machines in the dairy industry. With your donations we can keep exposing this cruelty and stop more animals from suffering this fate.

Thank you for being a voice for animals everywhere,

Animal Equality.




























Romanian Sheep Ship Vessel Latest position.

AL_SHUWAIKH another 4


Romanian Sheep Ship Vessel Latest position.


0010hrs GMT Friday 19/7/19.


AL SHUWAIKH current position is in the Red Sea – East of Egypt.

The Vessel AL SHUWAIKH is a Livestock Carrier built in 1986 and currently sailing under the flag of Kuwait.

Romsheep 1

Current destination of AL SHUWAIKH is KUWAIT and the estimated time of arrival (ETA) is tomorrow (Saturday) Jul 20, 04:00.


Regards Mark (WAV)