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Netherlands: The Convicted Dutch Criminal Who Still Exports Live Sheep for Eid. Why Does the EU Not Act ???



The Dutch Convict who still exports sheep from the UK to mainland Europe; and guess what, the EU does Nothing !


Photos by campaigner friend Val Cameron.

Here is a very brief insight into fairly recent events in England by a Dutch livestock exporter who was exposed for illegal activities back in 2010.


His name is Johannes Onderwater

Johannes Onderwater owns and operates the ‘Joline’ ship (or rather a bathtub – ex Soviet battle tank carrier for use on rivers) which undertakes services carrying livestock between Ramsgate (UK) and Calais (France) – across the English Channel, which is not a river.

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Above – The river vessel ‘Joline’ Crosses the English Channel with full livestock transporters.


Onderwater is a convicted criminal. This conviction was proven by an animal export organisation I was personally involved with back in 2010, in a UK court of law at Folkestone, Kent, when, working in conjunction with Kent Trading Standards (KTS); on 5th July 2010 at Folkestone Magistrates Court, Kent, Onderwater Agneaux BV (Onderwaters company) pleaded guilty to no less than six (6) offences under the Animal Health Act 1981 of causing the transport of sheep in contravention of the Welfare of Animals (Transport) (England) Order 2006 and EU Council Regulation (EC) 1/2005 (Protection of animals during transport).

As a result, Onderwater’s company, Onderwater Agneaux BV (of the Netherlands), was fined at Folkestone a total of £10,370. And so, under UK law, by being prosecuted in this way, and pleading guilty to offences, Onderwater IS a convicted criminal.

As the lead up to this particular court prosecution; Onderwater was shipping live sheep out of Dover port; whilst declaring on paperwork that ‘boxed meat’ only was being shipped. At the time, and it is still the case, Onderwater was using sealed box type trailers for carrying livestock – not your conventional type trailers where you can actually see the animals. These are fully enclosed trailers which to all purposes, look like a typical refrigerated trailer.


Here is a photo of one loading onto the Joline – would you know this trailer is full of live sheep ? – it is.

21 9 2

So here he was exporting live sheep for slaughter out of England via Dover port; whilst declaring on export paperwork he was carrying ‘boxed meat’. It was only by chance and vigilance of the crew of the P&O cross Channel ferry that something suspicious (a smell) was noticed with the trailer. The captain of the ferry was called, the owner of the truck and trailer was forced to open it up; and then all the live sheep were seen rather than the boxed meat as declared on the carnet !

So, it was decided to take Onderwater to court for misleading the authorities and the ferry operator, and for ‘fixing’ the export paperwork; and for animal abuse. As you can read from the start, 5/7/10 was the day we finally got him into court.

In court, Onderwater Agneaux BV (Onderwaters company) pleaded guilty to no less than six (6) offences under the Animal Health Act 1981 (England) of causing the transport of sheep in contravention of the Welfare of Animals (Transport) (England) Order 2006 and EU Council Regulation (EC) 1/2005 (the Protection of animals during transport).

As a result, Onderwater’s company, Onderwater Agneaux BV (of the Netherlands), was fined at Folkestone a total of £10,370. And so, under UK law, by being prosecuted in this way, and pleading guilty to offences, Onderwater became a convicted criminal in the UK.

Cut to this week; mid July 2019; and Onderwater is still exporting live sheep out of England for slaughter at the festival of Eid. Whjy ? – because the Dutch authorities were too lenient on him at the time of the court case – his business is Dutch registered and so only the Dutch authorities can take action; they ‘ticked him off’ but continued to allow him to operate rather than close down the entire operation.

July 2019 – We are now as amazed as we were back in July 2010; that an exporter who pleads guilty in an English court of law to no less than 6 animal welfare offences; including the EU Reg 1/2005 on the transport of live animals; is still operating taking British sheep to mainland Europe for slaughter at Eid.

Is it us or is there a real problem with live animal transporters in the EU ? – we guess that the events in Romania involving 70,000 live sheep this week just go to prove that the EU has not got any grip on the issue of live animal transport.


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Published: 14:52, 22 July 2010

 | Updated: 15:12, 22 July 2010


As Mark Rolfe from KTS (who prosecuted with us) said back in 2010, the trade in live animals is ‘unacceptable and illegal’.

If it is, then why does the EU still allow Onderwater to export live sheep out of England some 9 years on from his conviction ?

Regards Mark.


The closed box trailer with sheep is checked before export

2 Dec 16


Onderwater operates White Scania cab vehicles, such as this:

13 oct 6


EU: Live Export Latest – MEP Demands Action Against Romania – and … Is the new President-elect of the Commission committed to making a change for animals?

stop live transport

Netherlands (Dutch) MEP Anja Hazekamp calls on the European Commission to launch an infringement procedure against Romania, after the country authorises mass transport of 70.000 sheep from the Port of Midia to the Persian Gulf while temperatures rise above 45 °C.


Fighting for the animals – MEP Anja Hazekamp


This is in breach with European rules on the protection of animals during transport, which state that inside the vehicle or vessel, temperatures must be maintained below 30 °C during the entire journey.

Over the past couple of days, MEP Hazekamp – as well as European Commissioner Vytenis Andriukaitis – urged the Romanian authorities not to authorise this particular transport. As Romania ignored their calls, the  Kuwaiti vessel ‘Al Shuwaikh’ left the port on Sunday night, carrying tens of thousands of exhausted and mistreated sheep.  “This is totally unacceptable! Despite the many warnings, Romania keeps on violating EU rules, allowing all these animals to suffer and perish aboard this monster boat,” says Hazekamp.

Hazekamp visited the Port of Midia last weekend, where she observed horrendous animal abuse during loading. “Sheep were kicked, beaten and attacked with electric poles, but Romanian authorities refused to intervene.

Europe can no longer look the other way. Animal welfare rules are being violated systematically. The Commission must act now.”

Total ban on live exports

In addition to the infringement procedure, Hazekamp has been advocating a total ban on live animal exports to non-EU countries.

Last February, the European Parliament supported her proposal (in its Implementation Report on Animal Transport). However, as live exports are still continued and as animal suffering during transport has not been stopped yet, Hazekamp called on the newly installed MEPs, to establish a Committee of Inquiry to investigate breaches of EU rules and put an end to the suffering.

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Is the new President-elect of the Commission committed to making a change for animals?


Ursula von der Leyen will be the next President of the European Commission after a majority of MEPs voted in favour of her appointment tonight. While animals or agriculture weren’t mentioned in her statement addressing the European Parliament today, Eurogroup for Animals did welcome the support she expressed for renewed actions to improve animal welfare during hearings with Parliamentary political groups last week.

Following a question by Petras Auštrevičius at the Renew Europe meeting, she explained that animal welfare is included in the programme related to biodiversity and climate neutrality. She said that it is one of the questions the people of Europe want the European institutions to act upon, and that it is a “noble task to take on.” After a question by Yannick Jadot at the Greens/EfA meeting, she also stated that animal welfare “should be one of the main pillars of the Common Agriculture Policy”.

During her half-hour opening statement today on political guidelines for the next five years, the President-elect said that she would support the de facto right of legislative initiative for the Parliament – which could mean that long-awaited legislative improvements to animal welfare might finally be within reach.

Notably, Frederick Federley MEP (Renew Europe, SE), a Vice President of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals, said that the Parliament has long been asking for a framework law on animal welfare, and that since von der Leyen said that she would support a right of initiative – meaning that she commits to respond to Parliament own-initiative resolutions with draft legislation – they are going to “hold her accountable” for this, and would expect such a proposal to be forthcoming as a result.

“After a decade of legislative stasis, we are pleased to welcome a President of the Commission who is a friend to animals both personally and politically,” said Reineke Hameleers, director of Eurogroup for Animals. “We are encouraged by her statements last week, and look forward to working with her Commission over the next five years to deliver real improvements for animals across our Union and beyond.”

When she is sworn in on November 1st, the Brussels-born German politician – who is a horse, goat and dog-owner – will be the thirteenth President of the Commission and the first woman to hold the position.

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Australia: More Live Exports – Show the Gutless EU Up – Take Action for Aus Sheep.



Mark, with your support, we successfully stopped the live export of sheep into searing conditions in the Middle East from June to August.

But we know the highest risk period for heat stress is from May to October, and right now, exporters are preparing to resume their cruel trade and consign thousands of sheep to suffering from September onwards.

Right now, we have a chance to stop this.

Hit send on your response, and we can ensure the regulator stops live sheep exports during the incredible heat and humidity of September – as they should, and starting this year.


The Department of Agriculture has opened a public consultation on this issue, and is proposing three options for regulation of the trade, including an option that would see no ships leave for the Middle East in September.

We need your voice to call to back this decision in the final regulatory conditions – and importantly, to demand it’s extended to include October as well.

The science is clear. The evidence is indisputable. Sheep will continue to suffer and die in long-haul live exports during September and October.

Conditions on ships during these months are simply too hot, and too humid.

We have just 5 days to take action. Please, speak up for Aussie sheep today.











EU-animal law: legalized murder




The murders in the meat industry all have the same goal: to make money with the blood and suffering of the animals. This also applies to most politicians and lobbyists.

A few days ago, a ship with 70,000 (still) living beings has been send from the Romanian port Midia to the Midle East.
The hangmen of the Muslim and Jewish slaughterhouses are a bit different from the hangmen of European slaughterhouses.
To understand this, the following video will help:

“Shot in December 2018 in a slaughterhouse in Aveyron, these images show the legal abuse of slaughter without stunning allowed in France by derogation for the Jewish and Muslim cults.

According to the INRA Animal Pain expert report, an animal shot without stunning can remain conscious for up to 11 minutes”.

schächten 1

The meat lobby is located in the individual countries, which are not interested in getting a handle on the transport problem.
Animal transports mean subsidies from Brussels and that is why corrupt politicians are involved in the business (as we see in the case of the 70,000 sheep from Romania to Midle East ).

In Europe we have something called Animal Welfare.
On the paper, we are right at the forefront.

First section-German animal welfare law, § 1

“Nobody is allowed to cause pain or harm to an animal without an acceptable reason”.

For this we -the Europeans- have entrusted to some brain-brillant commissioners the preservation of this law. With our voice and our money.

In recent years, however, we observe a provocative cooperation (man calls it tolerance) of the “competent” commissioners with the animal transport mafia, and especially with countries that, as poor and weak EU partners, the meat business under any circumstances operate because that’s their main financial source. With devastating consequences for the animals.

They try to enforce their own interests and power games, nobody controls them, ( because according to EU, animal welfare is “country thing” ) so their chances of maximizing their profit are very high.
Let’s put it this way: they have all the options to live from the animas und from their suffering.  And they do it.

And now to the case “Midia”, Romania.

“Nobody is allowed to transport 40-degree-a-day animals without water and food, unless one manages to make millions of them.” says the brain-brilliant Commissioner Andriukaitis a word of power, but finally the EU has learned to respect the law of the strongest, and thus ships the Kuwaiti Transport Mafia (with the permission of the Romanian Minister) the 70,000 animal victims in countries that do not need to give an “acceptable” reason for the muslim massacre, because they consider animal welfare as unacceptable!

With that, the topic animal welfare law is done!
At least for our continent, it’s not even worth the paper it was written on.

_Breaking_tail_of_Romanian_tiertransport _in_Egypt

What is it about finally here?

It`s about torment, it’s about deliberate, illegal animal cruelty.
For days in the ship, with pre-programmed and painful death for many animals and with an unimaginable hell for the survivors. That`s about it!
And further, it is about the outrageous hypocrisy of the EU Commissioner, who allows all this, because “who is brutally killed in other cultures, is none of our business”!
Animal welfare is murder thing!!

Best regards, Venus



Kuwait / Romania: Livestock Ship Watch – 70,000 Live Sheep Exported from Romania en route to Kuwait.



Livestock ship watch.



We can confirm that the AL SHUWAIKH which is carrying 70,000 live sheep to the Middle East (Kuwait) for Eid ritual slaughter is currently in the Med Sea to the West of Cyprus.

This is ritual slaughter ………….


It is currently expected to arrive at Kuwait on Saturday 20th July at around 0700 hrs.


It is travelling at a speed of about 15-16 knots.

It was built in 1986, has a gross tonnage of 18,341, and sails under the flag of Kuwait.



Watching us, watching them !

Regards WAV.