Australia: More Live Exports – Show the Gutless EU Up – Take Action for Aus Sheep.



Mark, with your support, we successfully stopped the live export of sheep into searing conditions in the Middle East from June to August.

But we know the highest risk period for heat stress is from May to October, and right now, exporters are preparing to resume their cruel trade and consign thousands of sheep to suffering from September onwards.

Right now, we have a chance to stop this.

Hit send on your response, and we can ensure the regulator stops live sheep exports during the incredible heat and humidity of September – as they should, and starting this year.


The Department of Agriculture has opened a public consultation on this issue, and is proposing three options for regulation of the trade, including an option that would see no ships leave for the Middle East in September.

We need your voice to call to back this decision in the final regulatory conditions – and importantly, to demand it’s extended to include October as well.

The science is clear. The evidence is indisputable. Sheep will continue to suffer and die in long-haul live exports during September and October.

Conditions on ships during these months are simply too hot, and too humid.

We have just 5 days to take action. Please, speak up for Aussie sheep today.











One thought on “Australia: More Live Exports – Show the Gutless EU Up – Take Action for Aus Sheep.”

  1. Animal Welfarism is the biggest Enemy of Earthlings. For evidence look at the lettr of RSPCA: ”The science and evidence is clear, and I urge the Department to act upon it and prohibit live sheep exports from May through to October.” But what about tume out of these 6 monts ? The science and the evidence is clear, Homo sapiens sapiens is frugivore animal species, and Animals are persons the same as human child. Right way is : Stop with exploitation and the killings animals FOREVER !!!!


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