Day: July 5, 2019

Stray: the street victims


hund im MüllnThis dog was just thrown in the trash. The owner had moved to another location and did not want to take her dog. When the garbage was to be picked up after 6 days, the men noticed that something was moving in a plastic bag and found the totally emaciated dog and rescued him.
But many dogs do not have this luck.
It is summer time and many pack kids and cones and travel. Only one family member will like to forget, the dog.

Thousands of animals are also exposed in Germany every summer.

schäfer hunde im Autobahn_n

It is supposed to be fifteen million pets that are maltreated, neglected or abandoned every year.

streune laufen herum

If they are captured, they live in shelters the rest of their lives or are cruelly killed by the authorities.

We call for an international animal welfare law to deal ethically with stray dogs and cats in all member states of the EU.


If they are captured, they live in shelters for the rest of their lives or are killed by the authorities.

If they are not captured, they spend their lives hungry on the streets or are brutally slaughtered. From people who see animals as objects or even as pests that can be maltreated, tortured and killed. And without being punished.

streune katze in Deutschland pg

When catching fatally injured

Countless dogs and cats are caught by unqualified animal catchers. These often use brutal methods. Sometimes stun weapons are used, which injure some animals so much that they die a painful death on the spot.

In front of scared children

Especially before major international “events”, the authorities “clean up” the streets with mass murders. Often this happens in front of the eyes of frightened passers – by and children.

We call on the EU to enact a law that regulates the protection of pets and the ethical dealings with strays in all member states.

The aim of this law is to protect the animals and reduce the strays ethically. This law should, inter alia, consider the following points:

– Registration obligation for all strays

– Castration obligation for all strays

– Establishment of an International Animal Cruelty Register linked to the lifelong prohibition of activities related to animals

aufgehängter hund-griechenlad


Please sign and share the Petition:

Thank you for raising your voice for the animals today.

My comment: I have three cats, all from ” rescue service for wild animals” in my city.

The two siblings dropped off in an asparagus field in heavy winter because they were not purebred. They were only 2 weeks old.  Both were frozen and half dead.

The third was a move victim. Some brainworms have moved and left her in the garden. She was one year old and cried for 5 days in the cold. Nobody wanted to take her!

Earlier, we thought, that only happens in southerners. Here in Germany it is exactly the same.
It’s just so! We correct the deeds of the criminals of this society, every day. In every way!

Buldog zu verkaufen-streune zu verschenken_n
We can not save all the strays, but many of us can give a nice home to one or two animals.
You will have a faithful friend for life.

Best regards to all, Venus

Vietnam: UPDATE on 5 Rescued Bears By Animals Asia – 5/6/19.

viet nam flag


We covered the rescue of these bears in a recent post:


Five precious bears…
and how your love is changing their lives

Dear Mark,

You got them home. Now you’re mending their broken bodies and tortured minds.

Our five precious newbies are all doing great and responding well to the treatment and loving care they’re getting. That loving care is a gift from you. Your donations truly mean the world to these bears.

Solo was abandoned in a cage, left all alone on a construction site. The four bears were rescued from a resort. It’s likely all would have been sold on to a circus if it weren’t for you. Or worse. A bile farm.

Instead they’re wrapped in your kindness. Medicine for their wounds… fruity treats and toys to bring some wonder to their days… and words and smiles to remind them that they’re home for good and loved beyond words.

Our wonderful Senior Bear Manager Sarah van Herpt has been mama to these bears since they arrived – Solo two weeks ago, and the four bears, just a week ago. Here’s what she has to say about her newest little charges:


Solo is an absolute sweetheart, but the sight of the four new bears was a shock to her. Who knows how long it’s been since she last saw another bear? But after a few days she got used to them being around. Solo is very smart with her enrichment toys, and figures out puzzles with treats inside very quickly. She’s been heard clucking a few times. Science doesn’t know for sure, but we see it in bears who are anxious. They’ll cluck to one another to say ‘I mean no harm’ or ‘I’m here behind you… don’t startle’ or ‘You’re making me uncomfortable’.

Sweet Pea is a cruisy wee bear. She loves to make nests with giant leaves and palm brooms, and she was the first bear to give in and eat her tomatoes! But poor Sweet Pea… she was on meds for the wound on her nose and nasal discharge, but we had to stop them because she was vomiting them straight up. We’re monitoring her closely when introducing her to new foods like banana to make sure it’s not the banana causing her vomiting. Right now, we’re trying her out with congee. The wound itself is healing well.

sweet pea
Lily is on meds because she’s very itchy. Her sparse coat has revealed just how extensive her snare scar is. It runs right across her lower abdomen and around to her back. What must this gorgeous girl have suffered? Thankfully, that’s all over now. Lily is really enjoying her fresh fruit and veggies, and she loves to lick jam from the bamboo feeders. Her personality is still emerging and we can’t wait to see how she develops and grows.

Scooby is a hungry little man! He loves his food, and is always asking if we might have a few more of those dried sweet potatoes he loves so much. Scooby loves to play in water and you can often find him on his stomach lying down, two feet in his water bowl. He’s very small for a male bear, so we think he might be quite young.

Phuong is taking everything in her stride. It’s been a battle to help her to eat, but finally we have the key – honey! By blending her food with honey we found a way for her to enjoy her meals – but it also tells us she must have some painful teeth in her mouth. So our gorgeous Phuong will soon have a full dental. Phuong is often seen rolling around on her back playing with all of her toys.



These precious bears are where they are today because of you. Your kindness affects their lives in every way… thank you for saving them from the worst possible fate. Now, together, we can make these broken bears whole again.

If you haven’t had a chance to give to these beautiful bears yet, there’s still time.

Because of your support, Solo, Sweet Pea, Lily, Scooby and Phuong will know only kindness from now on. Without your urgent help… a brutal bile farm was likely.

Instead you gave them sanctuary. And with each gorgeous Vietnamese sunrise, these precious bears are one day closer to recovery.

Thank you sincerely,


Tuan Bendixsen OAM PhD
Vietnam Director, Animals Asia

PS We think that some of these bears were previously abused on circuses. They’ve almost surely had no veterinary care their whole lives. If you haven’t given yet, a donation from you could make all the difference.






England: When Royals Visit, You Walk Behind Them – Unless You Are ‘Olive’ the Duck That Is !



To lighten things up; we need to show you this.

Here in England there is one simple rule – when the Queen is on your patch she always leads the way, and everyone else follows.

That is apart from when you are a duck named Olive; then you lead the way and the queen of England follows you !


Watch the video here:

When the Queen met Olive… the duck

The queen rounded off her royal engagements in Scotland with a visit to Edinburgh’s Gorgie City Farm where she was given a guided tour by volunteers and Olive, the four-year-old duck who “thinks she’s human”.

The Farm’s fortunes have changed considerably, avoiding closure in 2016 after a successful fundraising effort; its chief executive Iain Herbert described the Queen’s visit as a great honour.

Image result for queen of england

Her Majesty the Queen of England.


Image result for olive the duck

Olive the Duck – with keeper.

The fascist law of the strongest



Pictures proving that a self-conferred special right exists only for the ruling human species, based on a gigantic discrimination and exploitation of all other species, which this right is denied.

The right to one’s own dignity, the right to self-determination, the right to natural behavior, in other words the right to freedom exist nowhere for animals.
Human rights are on their core fascist and favors the stronger.

All other animal species suffer from the law of the dominant species, which calls itself “Human Species”.

These are pictures that prove the fundamental lawlessness of the animals


Best regards, Venus

Namibia: the bloodshed has begun

Every year in Namibia, 86,000 Cape Fur Seal pups are butchered to death.


namibia Robben

Namibia is the only southern hemisphere country where seals are commercially slaughtered and the only country in the world where slaughter of puppies still nursed by mothers is possible.



The cruel seal hunt is actually known only from Canada. And Canada has also resumed the bloody seal hunt, although demand for seal products has plummeted.
But even on another continent, seals are slaughtered by the thousands.
Between 80,000 and 100,000 dwarf fur seals, also known as eared seals, cavort at the Cape Cross on the rocks in Namibia.


Over the next four months, as we learn, thousands of seals living in Cape Cross and Atlas Bay are brutally killed for their fur, oil and genitals. The genitals are exported to Asia. The terrible bloodshed has already begun. The hunting season lasts 139 days from July to November.


The seal cubs are brutally hit on the head after being separated from their mothers. Under the cries of the mothers, they are stung, whether dead or not, in the neck and slashed with knives. By now 80,000 Robby babies are supposed to be.

The massacre of seals in Namibia is brutal for a number of reasons, including the method of killing and the effects that it has on the entire colony.

The sealers prevent the colony of seals from escaping into the sea. Seal hunters aim for bigger puppies and get away with the smaller, thinner ones – those with less chance of survival. This can weaken the long-term genetic vitality of the populations.

The puppies are killed mainly because of their fur, but also because of their bacon sold as a “food supplement”. The bones are made into pieces of jewelery and then sold with the fur as a luxury item in distant lands. To make a fur coat, it takes about 8 dead seals.

The butcher of Namibia – Hatem Yavuz




The Turkish-Australian fur trader Hatem Yavuz is one of the main licensees.
He controls 60 percent of the fur market in the world.



Hatem Yavuz, known as the butcher of Namibia, is the man responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of seals – both in Canada and Namibia, according to

This one man has the contract to turn their fur into so-called fashionable apparel. We had pictures of what’s going on but Google banned the page for it being too graphic.

The Turkish and Australian based company Hatem Yavuz named after the owner Hatem Yavuz controls roughly 60 percent of the world’s seal market and processes 130,000 seal pelts every year in his Istanbul factory. Yavuz also has a hand in the Canadian seal market and claims to be proud of what he does. In an interview that spurred a flurry of hate mail, Yavuz told 7 News” in Australia that “It’s a job. If I don’t do it, someone else is going to do it.” He is called the King of Seal Killers.


Yavuz is an Australian citizen and also has Turkish citizenship. He is honorary consul in Namibia for Turkey and has as a diplomat both a luxury vehicle and offices, which are paid by the Namibian taxpayer. As a Consul of Namibia, he is a government official and benefits directly from the sale of the country’s assets, according to the organization.

Yavuz pays about $ 7 per coat and needs the fur of about 8 dead seals.

Yavuz will sell this coat for $ 30,000. Enough money to buy an exclusive townhouse in Swakopmund, Namibia. However, this money does not remain in Namibia to help the economically disadvantaged. It goes to Yavuz, who rides between Sidney and Istanbul, leading the life of a multi-millionaire.

The fur is processed in his company in Turkey.

Yavuz controls 60 percent of the world’s fur market.

As Turkey is not part of the European Union, which prohibits the import and export of seal products, hides from Namibia are shipped to Turkey, where they are processed and sold to countries such as China and Russia.


My comment: I read in another website that this bloody spectacle is a popular tourist attraction.
If some dull, mentally ill proletarians can find it beautiful, get excited, and enjoy how innocent and utterly defenseless animals suffer and are tortured to death like this, then they are nothing more than pathetic monsters, and they do not deserve anything like their own human rights.
The Government of Namibia allows this. The Government of Australia, Turkey and Canada allows fur trade.

And if the butcher Hatem Yavuz says massacring innocent beings is just a job, then why is he no longer burning witches, or selling slaves? That would be good business too.

For this, all he needs to do is make an offer to the governments that they can not refuse.

My best regards, Venus