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The Waorani won the appeal! – They Send Thanks to Friends Who Supported Them Around the World.

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What incredible news that we were proud to be part of.  Indigenous rights of tribes upheld; the mighty Amazon saved from destruction – Oxygen wins !! – Mark


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Dear Mark,

The Waorani won the appeal!


This marks a game-changing victory for the Amazon and a historic precedent for indigenous rights.

The impact here is monumental. With last week’s court ruling, the Ecuadorian government’s attempt to sell 500,000 acres of ancestral Waorani forest to oil companies is indefinitely BLOCKED.



But now is not the time to rest on our laurels, we have to keep the momentum going. The verdict is final but now the Waorani need to make sure the judgment is enforced. Ecuador’s Executive Branch has vowed to continue drilling in the Amazon “no matter what” to pay off mounting debts, so it’s up to all of us to keep up the pressure and turn the verdict into action.

Help us grow this movement by sharing this card and inviting your friends to join the fight!


This victory also sets a major legal precedent for the seven other indigenous nations whose 7 million acres of rainforest homelands are STILL ON THE AUCTION BLOCK.

Opportunities to amplify impact at this scale don’t come around all that often. Join us in backing the Amazon’s oldest guardians to protect their way of life, their forest and our shared climate.

For indigenous rights, the Amazon and our planet,

The Waorani and Amazon Frontlines Team



“We called on the world to support us and they did.

We told them the government wasn’t listening to us, and hundreds of thousands of people made our voices heard.

Thank you to all our friends around the world for joining our fight.”

– Nemonte Nenquimo, Waorani leader.



Fight the Good Fight.

Venus and I are really humbled and very pleased that we are getting some great support for the articles that we are putting out. Almost every day we are having new and additional members signing up to the site who are automatically delivered a new post from us each and every time we do one.

That gives us a real buzz, and despite having to inform of a lot of doom and gloom; we also try to throw in good news articles – to lift spirits and (especially with the petitions) – to bring you good news that shows you are making a difference by adding your name and support to petitions.

There is no doubt about it; the world is watching and peoples attitudes are changing for the better. Hey, it is a long hard fight for justice with some issues, such as live exports; but we know that in the end things will happen for the better – so we carry on.

Be a voice – write, sign petitions, demonstrate; take the action that you consider necessary.

Image result for watering pigs in transport

As some very well known and good human beings have said:

Related image

Image result for when good people do nothing


Image result for when good people do nothing


Regards from us both.  Fight the good fight !!

Its a long road for some issues, but we are winning; and that’s the important thing.



Ireland: PETITION UPDATE: Man Who Beat Sparky the Puppy with A Hammer Sentenced to Jail.



PETITION UPDATE: Man Who Beat Sparky the Puppy with A Hammer Sentenced to Jail

PETITION UPDATE: Man Who Beat Sparky the Puppy with A Hammer Sentenced to Jail


WAV Comment:  Here is another example that signing petitions for abused animal justice often results in … Justice ! 


A man in Lurgan, Ireland has been jailed for the murder of an 11-week-old puppy.

On July 10, Craigavon Crown Court sentenced 24-year-old Kyle Keegan to two and a half years for the crime. Keegan, who admitted earlier this year to animal cruelty, will spend half of his sentence behind bars.

After being released, he will spend the remainder of his sentence “on licence,” or required to adhere to certain restrictive conditions (similarly to what’s known as “probation” in the United States).

The judge also imposed a 30-year ban on Keegan having any animals in his care.

Keegan was arrested for causing unnecessary suffering to animals in February 2018, after a mixed-breed puppy named Sparky was brutally beaten with a hammer and placed inside a microwave during a house party. He was identified as one of two males seen committing the gruesome act in a viral video that circulated on Snapchat and other social media platforms.

After Keegan and his 16-year-old counterpart murdered Sparky, his body was disposed of in a garbage receptacle at Ailysbury Park in Lurgan. An autopsy determined that Sparky had multiple fractures and severe brain trauma as a result of his head being smashed.

A Lady Freethinker petition urging the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) to arrest Sparky’s killers and ban them from having animals garnered nearly 25,000 signatures. Thank you to everyone who signed, helping in the fight to deliver justice to Sparky.

“It is difficult to imagine how violence could be any more gratuitous than when meted out to an 11-week-old small breed pup by the use of a claw hammer to stove its skull in,” Judge Neil Rafferty stated during Keegan’s sentencing.

“There is little can be said that would express the horror of this small dog’s death at your hands.”


France: Victory ! – Supermarket Owners Lose Their Store After Vile Trophy Hunting Photos Go Viral.



Supermarket Owners Lose Their Store After Vile Trophy Hunting Photos Go Viral

Posted by Jane Wolfe | July 16, 2019

Supermarket Owners Lose Their Store After Vile Trophy Hunting Photos Go Viral

Picture – Facebook.

A French couple who posed with the dead animals they’d slaughtered during a trophy hunt in Africa have lost their jobs after the grotesque pictures were posted on social media, causing public outrage.

Jacques and Martine Alboud (pictured above, left and right), who ran a branch of the Super U co-operative supermarket in L’Arbresle, eastern France, were pictured standing over the bodies of a number of lifeless animals — including a zebra, lion, leopard and hippopotamus — that they had ruthlessly killed during safaris in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and Tanzania in 2014 and 2015.

After the images went viral on Twitter and there were calls on Facebook for customers to boycott the store, last week the supermarket group announced that the couple had given up their franchise with immediate effect.

“In the face of condemnation provoked by these actions at the heart of the co-operative and the legitimate public feeling, the store managers have decided to quit immediately the brand and their l’Arbresle store,” Super U said in a statement, adding that it did not condone safari hunting and that the couple’s actions were “in total opposition with the values defended by us.”

The French animal rights organization 30 Millions d’Amis commented that this story was reminiscent of the death of Cecil the lion — who was murdered in Zimbabwe in 2015 by an American dentist and hunter, Walter Palmer — that sparked widespread condemnation. It says that around 8,000 lions have been reared specifically to be hunted down and killed in the last decade in South Africa, and that there has been a 90% fall in the lion population over a century. “The species could disappear by 2050,” it adds.

The couple have so far declined to comment on their actions.


Austria: animal rights activists rescue 500 breeding ducks

Thousands of animals are released on the land of the Republic of Austria without any permission and clearly against the will of the majority of the population, only to be shot down! the ducks are only used for hunting fun. It is a tragedy.




Every year, some oddly talented people expose thousands of breeding ducks from Hungary to the river systems of the Leitha in northern Burgenland, Austria.
A few years ago, they even stretched a net over the Leitha River so that the helpless animals would not be driven downstream. But that could be banned by intervention from us.
Nevertheless, the ducks regularly land at the beginning of July in temporarily built enclosures on the riverbank, in numerous places. Few days later, the fences disappear and tons of wheat, corn and other food are being released daily in the countryside.

Enten rettungpg

The landed property of these river systems belongs to the Republic of Austria, that is us. And there they are exposed to thousands of breeding cattle from factory farming, without asking us!

Through this fun the water is poisoned, contaminating the landscape. The responsible state councilor does not comment on this. Our ads were ineffective, although the mayor has publicly spoken out against this dropout.

Time to act.


Today, some “hikers” arrived at the river Leitha and accompanied more than 500 of the breeding ducks to Hungary.
The still flightless young animals without parents joined the animal rights activists.

Entenrettung 2jpg
Just before Hungary, a hunter became aware of the strange processions. A little later, some hunting helpers attacked the animal rights activists.
One activist was pushed into the water twice in the river, another was to be snatched from the camera. Through the cameras and the kalmierende appearance of the peaceful animal rights activists, the excess of violence could be contained.

JägerStößtTierschützer entenrettungpng

The hunting society was also completely incomprehensible to the police officers. In any case, they told me that we had committed no crime and left again. The ads against the hunting helpers I will bring in the prosecutor.

And most importantly, the ducks meanwhile disappeared into the Hungarian undergrowth. At least 500 of them. There they can hopefully escape the access of the insane breeding hunter from Austria.




Updated: The 500 ducks have now disappeared in the Hungarian riparian forests in the thicket and hopefully safe from the shotgun hunters on the Austrian side. 🐦

Thanks to the animal rights activists!

My comment:  Dr. Dr. Martin Balluch, the chairman of the “Association Against Animal Factories”  (VgT) is a longtime and very dedicated animal rights activist.

With his long and courageous commitment he was able to record to some successes  in animal welfare: the prohibition of fur farms and wild circuses, the prohibition of laying batteries, the prohibition of animal testing of apes and the caging of meat rabbits, the establishment of animal welfare as a state goal in the Federal Constitution and the ban on crates for mother pigs.

In the coming state elections, in Austria, he runs as an independent candidate for the list “Now” (JETZT) for animal welfare.
I hope that he will be elected in Parliament so that he can also exercise political influence over animal rights.

Best regards, Venus


USA: Petition – Justice for Dog Locked in Cage and Left to Die.



Justice for Dog Locked in Cage and Left to Die

Posted by Carly Day

SIGN: Justice for Dog Locked in Cage and Left to Die

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons – Joe Parks

25681 Signatures Collected


petition keyboard


Petition Link:


PETITION TARGET: Fayette County DA, Richard Bower

In a callous act of neglect, a couple in Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania locked one of their dogs in a cage on their back porch with no food or water and left him to die. The cage had been turned over with the door facing the ground, giving the desperate animal no hope of escape.

The dog became emaciated, deprived of sustenance or attention while his so-called guardians went on with their lives only steps away.

Pennsylvania State Police and animal control arrived at the home after neighbours reported the starving dog. When they arrived, they found the metal cage with the dog’s lifeless body inside.

Authorities confiscated five more dogs from the property, along with a cat and lizard. The animals were all malnourished and had clearly been living in their own feces and urine for some time, according to CBS Pittsburgh.

Police arrested Rachel Bonacci and Christopher Foreman, charging them each with a felony count of aggravated cruelty to animals, along with misdemeanor cruelty and neglect. They are also facing citations for failing to have a dog license or vaccinating their animals. Both remain in the Fayette County Prison on $30,000 bonds.

Tragically, neighbours say they made numerous animal cruelty complaints about the situation over the last few months, with no action taken.

Even Belle Vernon Mayor Gerald Jackson admits that there has been a failure in the system to allow this cruelty to continue for so long.

An innocent animal died due to the heartless actions of this couple, and authorities failed to step in and save him in time. Prosecutors now need to ensure they serve justice for this dog’s suffering.

Sign the petition urging Fayette County District Attorney Richard Bower to treat this case with the severity it deserves, and call for a lifetime ban on the defendants keeping animals, so no more dogs suffer this fate.


Go for it folks – please sign and lets get some justice !

Regards Mark (WAV)



Ireland / Kuwait: Latest (Irish Calf) Live Export News and Romanian Sheep Export Ship Position.

stop live transport


We are currently sticking with live exports as like us, many visitors seem keen on this topic.

For those of you who want to keep up to date on what is happening in Ireland (EU) regarding live exports; we can suggest that you go to the CIWF Ireland Volunteer Facebook page at:


Here there is lots of news and articles about Irish exports.

You will see that investigations are finding that even after making the sea crossing from Ireland to France; after which calves should immediately go to a control post; some transporters are continuing their journey for at least another 5 hours. Some drivers have informed that the calves they carry have been on the truck for over 32 hours !

PMAF Inv 5

This is completely against the EU Regulation to allegedly protect animals during transport – Reg 1/2005. The same is the case with the temperatures for sheep exported from Romania to Kuwait. Is the EU concerned about enforcing its own regulations or not ?

PMAF Inv 7



Ship Tracking Update for Romanian Sheep Destined for Kuwait.

schächten 1


…  And talking of the sheep exported from Romania; the Al Shuwaikh (Romania-Kuwait) is currently at anchor off of Port Said in the Eastern Mediterranean (North of Egypt).

AL_SHUWAIKH another 4


We do not know at this time why the vessel is at anchor there at this time – to take on supplies and food for the animals ? – who knows.

AL_SHUWAIKH another 3

We will continue to give position updates as we track the vessel.


Regards Mark (WAV).


Photos from Marine Traffic photographers as credited.

AL_SHUWAIKH another 2