The Waorani won the appeal! – They Send Thanks to Friends Who Supported Them Around the World.

WAV Comment:

What incredible news that we were proud to be part of.  Indigenous rights of tribes upheld; the mighty Amazon saved from destruction – Oxygen wins !! – Mark


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Dear Mark,

The Waorani won the appeal!


This marks a game-changing victory for the Amazon and a historic precedent for indigenous rights.

The impact here is monumental. With last week’s court ruling, the Ecuadorian government’s attempt to sell 500,000 acres of ancestral Waorani forest to oil companies is indefinitely BLOCKED.



But now is not the time to rest on our laurels, we have to keep the momentum going. The verdict is final but now the Waorani need to make sure the judgment is enforced. Ecuador’s Executive Branch has vowed to continue drilling in the Amazon “no matter what” to pay off mounting debts, so it’s up to all of us to keep up the pressure and turn the verdict into action.

Help us grow this movement by sharing this card and inviting your friends to join the fight!


This victory also sets a major legal precedent for the seven other indigenous nations whose 7 million acres of rainforest homelands are STILL ON THE AUCTION BLOCK.

Opportunities to amplify impact at this scale don’t come around all that often. Join us in backing the Amazon’s oldest guardians to protect their way of life, their forest and our shared climate.

For indigenous rights, the Amazon and our planet,

The Waorani and Amazon Frontlines Team



“We called on the world to support us and they did.

We told them the government wasn’t listening to us, and hundreds of thousands of people made our voices heard.

Thank you to all our friends around the world for joining our fight.”

– Nemonte Nenquimo, Waorani leader.



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