Fight the Good Fight.

Venus and I are really humbled and very pleased that we are getting some great support for the articles that we are putting out. Almost every day we are having new and additional members signing up to the site who are automatically delivered a new post from us each and every time we do one.

That gives us a real buzz, and despite having to inform of a lot of doom and gloom; we also try to throw in good news articles – to lift spirits and (especially with the petitions) – to bring you good news that shows you are making a difference by adding your name and support to petitions.

There is no doubt about it; the world is watching and peoples attitudes are changing for the better. Hey, it is a long hard fight for justice with some issues, such as live exports; but we know that in the end things will happen for the better – so we carry on.

Be a voice – write, sign petitions, demonstrate; take the action that you consider necessary.

Image result for watering pigs in transport

As some very well known and good human beings have said:

Related image

Image result for when good people do nothing


Image result for when good people do nothing


Regards from us both.  Fight the good fight !!

Its a long road for some issues, but we are winning; and that’s the important thing.



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