Day: July 13, 2019

“A child who dies of hunger today is being murdered. “


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No! multi corporations do not feed the world. They feed the rich countries.

Why do not food exports go to the poor of the world? When it comes to world hunger, corporations like the GMO Seed and Pesticide Giants are called Monsanto and DuPont. These corporations advertise with the slogan “We feed the world” .

But the opposite is the case, economic interests dominate world politics, and in poor countries the greed for profit only comes down to capturing their raw materials or growing soybean, corn, palm oil, cotton or even bananas on their precious arable land.

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That`s modern colonialism in Africa – the new way of enslavement in the 21st Century with the EU, US, UK, World Bank and Bill & Melinda Gates FoundationIndustrial farms claim to end hunger in the poor countries of the world – but most of the food is exported to rich countries!

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Equally absurd is the idea that about 35% of the world’s grain harvest is fed to livestock or landed in biogas plants, while hunger is still the leading cause of death worldwide.

The subsidized injustice and the increasing industrialization of agriculture are due to the ever-increasing globalization in food production.

The result was the world’s largest greenhouse landscape in Almería, southern Spain, which will supply Europe with fresh tomatoes.

There is now a large landing plain, which is only a single plastic sea. 2.8 million tonnes of fruit and vegetables are produced each year in 32,000 greenhouses. Large quantities of pesticides and fertilizers are used. The region is slowly running out of water.

Tons of toxic pesticides, plant fertilizers, plant substrates, rock wool, plastic wrap and the exploitation of African migrants allow us to enjoy fresh tomatoes from Spain in our salad.


The European Union is making a lot of money to produce very large quantities of fruit and vegetables in Almeria and elsewhere. So much so that some of it even comes to market in Africa, because it should not be thrown away. The EU vegetables are sold in Africa at bargain prices.

Local farmers have to charge three times as much for their home-grown vegetables to avoid starvation. But because the higher prices in poor countries do not want to pay anyone, the EU is driving African farmers to ruin their cheap vegetables.

So should the hunger in Africa be overcome?

For decades, corporate multinationals have been dominating and stealing their smallholders’ land and thus their livelihoods. And despite abundance of natural resources, these countries remain poor – who profits from hunger?

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After all, even a corporation like Monsanto will become a world savior instead of an annihilator!!

Example Ethiopia:

In Ethiopia, millions of people have relied on food aid for decades. While the population is starving, the government offers foreign investors the conditions that could hardly be cheaper. This benefits not only Turkey, but also Saudi Arabia.

While people are starving in Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia gets its food from Ethiopia, so the people do not starve, though Ethiopia is still one of the poorest countries in the world!!

Example Tanzania:

Tanzania has changed the laws to get development aid. which allows commercial investors to get faster and better access to agricultural land. It also strengthened the protection of intellectual property in the seed sector.

The Tanzanian peasants are now awaiting a prison sentence of at least 12 years or a fine of more than € 205,300 or both if they sell seed that has not been certified. The beneficiaries of these laws are Bayer / Monsanto, Syngenta and BASF.

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Example Brazil:

Brazil is one of the largest producers of genetically modified soybeans.

Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, where a lot of soy is grown. Soy is one of the most important forage plants in our factory farms. Rainforest is cleared for the soya plantations. The soils of the rainforest are actually not suitable for soy cultivation, because they lack the appropriate nutrients. They are therefore supplied chemically.

burnt-tree-and-tractor. brasilienjpg

After a few years nothing will grow on the former primeval forest floor. The big farmers then cut down the next trees and thus continue to destroy the green lung of our earth.

Is the price we pay for our cheap meat in the discounter at the end more expensive?


In November 2016, the Federal Ministry of Economics in Germany wrote:
“Tanzania has one of the biggest economic potentials in East Africa. It is an important transit country and has huge fertile lands that can be used for agriculture. Enormous natural gas reserves can help build a chemical industry.

Mega-infrastructure projects and a construction boom offer further extensive business opportunities. The big question, however, is about the timing: politics and bureaucracy easily reach their limits. ”

In 2015, Germany delivered agricultural machinery, including farm tractors, to Tanzania for € 290,000 (EGW846).

In February 2015, during a visit to the EU in Brussels, Bill Gates and Melinda Gates pointed to innovations in agriculture in Africa to get rid of food dependence and malnutrition.

“With a drought resistant corn variety genetically modified, an African farmer, male or female, could get 20 to 30 percent more from the farm. We think it’s up to Kenya and Tanzania and South Africa to decide if that’s right for the economy, ” said Melinda Gates, co-chair of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

In Germany, too, corn is referred to by the genetic engineering industry as “a corn for Africa: good yields even in drought”.

In the meantime, DTMA seed has been distributed to about three million small farmers in 13 African countries – Ethiopia, Angola, Benin, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mali, Mozambique, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe – covering an area of ​​two million hectares – six percent of the corn in the region – cultivate.

In Europe, wheat farming pays off for farmers only because they receive subsidies from the EU. Rich Switzerland has already bought 80 percent of its wheat in India. Above all, the bread rolls of the major bakeries we eat every day are made almost exclusively from Indian wheat. The bad thing is that in India, eight out of ten people do not have enough to eat.

So… why are not our food exports going to the poor countries of the world? The answer is that about half of the exports to the top 20 countries are meat and dairy or animal feed. 

hühner we feed the worldjpgAnd meat is a luxury product. And the reason, why millions of people die of hunger in Africa and other poor countries.

Much remains to be done to actually alleviate hunger in the world as the world’s population grows, and with the effects of agriculture on agriculture, which are increasingly devastating, and that are being devastated by climate change.

However, this can not be achieved by the large-scale cultivation of soybeans in Brazil or the eradication of the Indonesian forests for palm oil.


My comment: In an interview with UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Right to Food, Jean Ziegler, he put it very aptly: “World agriculture could easily feed 12 billion people, but only half as many people live on Earth. That is, a child who dies of hunger today is being murdered. “

Yes! that’s right!
By whom murdered? Of all those who are involved in this system, that is to say exactly of the consumers who support this criminal system through the consumption of meat.

In 122 Third World countries 43,000 children die from hunger every day. The statistics are a bit old, today the number is even higher. All who participate in this daily mass murder are the second-hand killers of these children.


My best regards to all, Venus